Winter Round Up – Round like the balls I’m growing!

So after our EPIC fail in the SJing at Aston in November, leaving us WAY out of contention with 4 poles diary of a wimpy venterto add to a 33 dressage, we sailed around our first BE90 XC – clear, fast and alive – no real bother.  

Feeling a little deflated the following day, Pat and I trundled down to the RC Elementary dressage championships and pulled a tired test out of the bag for a BLOODY WIN!!!!! We won, and a trophy no less!  It felt marvellous to be picked back up again in time the month of Joy and festiveness!! 

On to our first ARENA Eventing… Well what a bloody joke! – I entered at the last minute because I was so bloody terrified and putting in my entry last, obviously meant the punishment of going FIRST in the class around what felt like a million jumps!!! It was pouring and I couldn’t bloody remember where I was going… a very confused and steady clear round left me absolutely beaming with pride for my little pony! 

Now, I LOVE Christmas, I had my tree up in November – I’m one of those!! I bought a Santa outfit and off we went to yet more dressage for 2 more wins out of 2 in the Novice (HC) and Elementary! Seriously, we are storming at the minute!! I cannot believe our luck. 

We did a little photo shoot with the super dup LRG Photography, went to Olympia and I rode on the back of Wocket Woy and ate my body weight in turkey and chocolates. 

Aside from the festivities, I have worked super hard to find companies that will gladly put their name to someone that may well embarrass them in the start box… but,  I have 3 wonderful sponsors to help us out when conquering our journey into the unknown.  First off – Foxy Equestrian, they are producing some of the very best quality base layers, hat covers and most importantly, my beloved ear warmers. Secondly, Performance Horse Therapy, Jemma will be helping keep Pat and I in tip top condition for the season – and last but not least Kings Equestrian who stock everything you could possibly need to look like you know what you’re doing!! 
Next up, December 28th was an outing to a showing show… yeah, you heard right – in the middle of sodding winter in a pelham and colourful browband….BUT he was a saint in the ring and WON the Riding Horse class – love him! 

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR and all that rubbish… I’m past it – I’m balls deep into 2017 already, I have plans of greatness.  BUT WAIT… I actually grew a pair and went HUNTING …

The day started, swigging at the flask and puffing on a (almost quit) smoke, we trundled down to one of the few hackable meets of the season. It was already fairly busy and Pat seemed a bit of a frisky biscuit when I tried to accept my compulsory port snifter! Downed it and minutes later we were off! We had a line of cantering and trotting with a blast down the gallops to warm us up before I heard the smasher of a Field Master say the next line might get a bit exciting! ????????

I was cr@pping it at that point if I’m brutally honest!!

Covered in mud already, hip flask pretty much empty, lines 2&3 did not disappoint on the excitement 16117637_456310744757430_861041991_nstakes! We jumped 4ft hedge after 4ft hedge one after the other… big bloody bushy great hedges!!! I was absolutely Blinking loving it!!!! Christ on a bike my tiny boy grew wings… we were flying! I cannot tell you!!! I was crying with joy and pride soaring round those fields, until we turned and landed ourselves in front of a metal five bar gate ???? imagine my horror!!

Bum twitching, I kicked for a good stride and we sailed it, so big infact, that I almost come off the back! Bugger me this was better than anything I have ever done in my entire life… we finished the 4th and last line with a huge 5ft box hedge and came home with the biggest grin on the entire hunting field!!!

I cannot tell you all how it has made me feel, I seriously love the absolute bones of my tiny Trojan flying machine. Can you honestly believe that this time last year I couldn’t even get on my horse through fear, and now bloody look at us!!!!!! 

Here’s to a very very wonderful horse and an exciting year ahead!! ???????????????? xxxx

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