WILL RAWLIN – July provided some promising performances….


The month of July has been quieter in terms of competition but nevertheless provided some promising

performances.  Alvescot Dance Time placed 6th in the Novice at Dauntsey Park, he has developed hugely over the last few months and is for sale on behalf of a client. The Partner had a fantastic run at his first intermediate at Upton House, having just done the dressage at Brightling Park at the beginning for the month.
V.I.P Vinnie went to Barbury International to perform the guinea pig test for the two star competition, he was so pleased to be out and felt great – he was very cross when no jumping followed! Will will continue conditioning him over the next few weeks, followed by two of months rest before coming back into work at the beginning of November -ready for his 3* campaign at the start of next season.

There is plenty to look forward to for the rest of the season with The Partner heading to the NAF 5 Star Hartpury International CCI*, before heading to Gatcombe and Osberton where he will be joined by Ballycoog Breaker Boy. Snowdon II will also be back out campaigning.

Horse of the Month – The Partner (7year old)

Bred to show jump by Iroko x Backhander, The Partner is an extra careful performer, and an absolute machine across the country having never picked up a XC jumping fault.

This season he has stepped up to Novice and will progress to CIC**. He finds the dressage the most difficult phase but he is developing well, becoming more relaxed and there are glimmers of what excitement is to come.
Next season The Partner will be campaigned at the Clavert Wealth Management 2* League.

The Partner is a relaxed, quiet character who enjoys his own space. He is not one for affection, although the other day was happy for Will to sit on him whilst having a rest! (see photo).

Excitingly, this horse will come up for syndication in the near future, meaning some lucky person/persons can look forward to joining Will & The Partner’s journey to the top. Aside from financial involvement, Will is really looking forward to sharing his interest and enjoyment of this horse’s development and progression with the syndicate partners and sharing competitions and home visits with them.

Exciting Technology- ArcEquine and Arc4Health 


Will and his team have been using the ArcEquine (horses) and Arc4Health (humans) devices since June. 

Having been using the Arc family products to treat a range of equine and human conditions over the past 7 weeks Will believes in the product so much he has decided to become an agent.  If you are interested in these products contact Will to find out more and get his code for a 10% discount.

Overall, the Arc has been successfully used to treat ligaments, tendons, muscles, skin and bone in horses and humans. The Arc is a small non-invasive device which is worn by horse or human for a few hours daily.  The Arc mimics the body’s natural electrical currents and reintroduces them from an external source.  When there is injury and tissue is damaged, the normal electrical current is disrupted within the cells and so the body fails to work properly in these areas.  The Arc kick-starts and accelerates many processed involved with correct cellular functioning, resulting in faster healing and promoting optimal health.

Will suffered from asthma and eczema, since using the Arc there has been no need for use of inhaler or eczema cream and he generally feels much more relaxed.

His parents have noticed significant pain reduction in older bone injuries which had not seen any improvement in the previous five years until the use of the Arc.

The horses are being treated for a range of conditions including scar tissue -old and new, mental attitude and slight paralysis of the larynx. 

The Partner (Conquer) has been using the Arc for soft tissue damage; he has had a grey scar on his hind leg for years which has not changed, but now a small part of the scar has been regenerated and has turned pink so it is clearly working. 

The Arc has only had positive effects on Will’s horses – they remain very relaxed and continue to look in great condition.

Will can’t wait to use the Arc on a horse with sarcoids, and continue a second cycle for horses who are yet to see full results. 

Will and his team say using the Arc themselves is a sure way to know that the technology works, and that wearing it for a few hours a day is non- intrusive and becomes routine.

Lights, Camera, Action

Will recently had a photoshoot with Henry Szwinto to take some new images for his website. 

The shoot took place in an indoor arena, with special lighting and a big sheet of black material as a back drop. It is amazing to see the end results when comparing to the set up (see before/after photo).

Ballycoog Breaker Boy (William), The Partner (Conquer) and V.I.P Vinnie (Vinnie) all took part in the shoot, which lasted around three hours. There were a lot of combinations to get through in that time, mixing up tacked/untacked, headshots/distant, rider/no-rider over the course of the morning. 

To keep the horses attentive Henry came up with inventive ways to keep the horses interested and looking in the right direction; switching up noises from his phone including quacking and the sound of a hunting horn until the horses got used to it, at which point a new sound would be played.

Mid-Season Maintenance

All of the horses have a saddle fitting every 3 months, and since the last fitting most of the horses have come in round their withers as they are all fitter than in March. To ensure the shared saddles fit every horse, Will also uses adjustable 3 pocket Prolite pads which can be tailored to each horse. 

As standard practice the horses have Osteopathy every 2 months and additionally if needed in between. 

This month the horses had their 6 month dental check up and  February 2018 is already booked in!

Don’t miss out on the #RidewithRawlin series online where you can experience one of Will’s rides with a 360 degree view! You can also follow Will’s journey via his website www.willrawlin.com, @willrawlin on Instagram, @WBREventing on twitter and @willrawlingeventing on Facebook. We look forward to hearing more from Will throughout the season as he chases his goals, and hear about the rollercoaster he endures as a professional event rider.

Pippa Vos

Credit Henry Szwinto


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