Mirrors for training www.mirrorsfortraining.co.uk have been long known for their high quality arena mirrors, found in many eventer’s yards. They have recently extended their range of products to include 2ft x 3ft acrylic stable mirrors. EWW set out to find what this new departure was all about and how installing a stable mirror could work for your horse.

Why fit a stable mirror?

Horses, as we all know, are herd animals. Take away the heard by segregating a horse in a stable or removing friends when you head off competing can lead to stress.
Many horses exhibit signs of stress related behaviours by cribbing, weaving, biting, nodding, windsucking and box walking. It is estimated that stable vices are exhibited by 15% of all stabled horses and separation anxiety issues are a major problem for many owners.
Mirrors for Training now stock an easy to install 2ft x 3ft stable mirror which can be placed at relaxed horse’s head height in a spot where they are most likely to stand and view the mirror’s reflection. Simple to screw onto most walls with conveniently placed holes and made from acrylic the Mirrors for Training stable mirrors offer a great solution to stable stress.

How do they work?

Simply installing a mirror in the stable, in a location that the horse could easily see his/her reflection, provides a (reflective) companion and makes the horse feel it has company. This comforts and relaxes your horse and can help to reduce stress related behaviours.
The simple trick of installing a mirror can remove the underlying stress and boredom and help to reduce stable vices. Stable mirrors can have a huge effect on the well-being of a nervous stabled horse or pony. Tests have proven that horses that have been long term weavers stopped or significantly reduced this within 24 hours of a stable mirror being installed. One long term study found that horses which had been weaving for at least 2 years reduced this by 77% with stable mirrors fitted compared to an 85% reduction where they had a companion horse in full sight within one metre.




Horses can be happier and more relaxed with a stable mirror fitted, significantly improving their welfare and quality of life. Stable mirrors can also reflect light into the stable which gives your stable a lighter and brighter appearance which is great in winter months. Although my own horse was a little startled by her reflection at first her inquisitive side took over and I have noticed she is more inclined to occupy her time looking at her reflection than worrying what her friends on the yard are doing.

With stable vices and separation anxiety being so problematic for many owners a stable mirror could be an affordable solution to dealing with the worry.

Mirrors for Training stable mirrors are available online, retailing at £31.99. To find our more CLICK HERE

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