What is Futurity?

For 2019, The British Breeding Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity series is even bigger and better.

The programme aims to deliver a fair and detailed objective assessment of performance potential and open up opportunities for British bred foals and youngsters from all studbooks.

The young stock development programme is now opening up to horses and ponies aged three to five years of age with a tailor made and optimised assessment structure for that age group.

This year also sees the introduction of a new grading system, replacing the old premiums with Bronze, Silver and Gold. This reflects the fact that the Futurity recognises the quality of a wide range of riding horses and ponies, from those suitable for the ambitious amateur to the next generation of international Grand Prix horses.

Top foals and horses from the evaluations will be recognised at the Breeders Awards Dinner in London later this year.

What is the Futurity?

The British Breeding Futurity Young Horse Evaluations are run by British Breeding with the support of Baileys Horse Feeds and the British Horse Foundation. There are three things that are important to remember:

1. The Futurity is an evaluation, rather than a sport horse show class. Horses will be marked using a set of criteria appropriate for that horse’s age and intended discipline. Because this is an evaluation for performance potential, horses should not be in ‘show’ condition,
2. The Futurity is principally run to identify talented young sport horses and ponies,for collecting data on British breeding so that British breeders can make use of that information for future breeding decisions and for providing feedback to participants on the suitability of the horse they have bred for its intended discipline and the market for which it has been bred.
3. Futurity is for amateur and professional owners and breeders alike.

The aims of the Futurity
1. Identify potential elite international sport horses for British riders. Owners and breeders of top scoring Futurity horses of all ages will be eligible for the next iteration of the Futurity series, the Equine Bridge.
2. Inform the better breeding of British bred sport horses and ponies by offering detailed feedback from a vet and evaluators.
3. Provide accurate pedigree and results information for breeders to use, regarding successful bloodline combinations for sport, which will be available at all times through the fully searchable Futurity results database. The Futurity’s state-of-the-art linear scoring system provides more detailed and objective information for all participants.
4. Enable breeders to use the Futurity scores as an established marketing tool for their young sport horses.

The Equine Bridge

Re-launched in 2019, the Equine Bridge sets out over the next few years to build a pathway from the identification of performance potential to elite performance delivery.

The new assessment for three to five-year-old horses and ponies has been tailored to the specific needs of that age group. The assessment is open to both previous Futurity entries, as well as British bred newcomers. In recognition of the new format, the qualifying score for the Equine Bridge under the new assessment will be a mark of 8.0 or above.

· Three-year-old horses and ponies are invited to be presented in hand and loose on the flat and – in the case of showjumpers and eventers – over a row of three fences. The difference to previous years will be the arena layout, which will now allow the horses to run continuously in a big loop around the outside of the arena. This will encourage them to keep their flow and prevent tension.
· Four-year-old horses and ponies will have the option to be presented loose or under saddle, in which case they will carry out the same assessment as the 5-year-olds.
· Five-year-old horses and ponies must be presented under saddle. They will be asked to complete a short and very simple dressage test, which will be emailed to all entries to give them time to prepare. Showjumpers and eventers will be then be asked to jump a very simple and short course of fences, including a related distance, a spread and an upright. At the end of their ridden display, we ask you to strip the saddle off your horse or pony and stand him or her up for the judges to assess the conformation.

Evaluations commence in July with a list of dates and venues at Futurity Events and Venues – British Breeding.

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