anna and matt
Anna and Matt

The EWW team is thrilled to introduce Anna Cheney and Matt Cox to the training team. Based in the
same yard, Matt has been supporting Anna (who events at Advanced level) with her dressage training. Both Matt and Anna will be sharing their training techniques and supporting our readers with their stressage questions!

Anna Cheney, is a 30 year old eventer from Rural Northamptonshire.  She learnt to ride from the age of six and came up through her local pony club branch, the Woodland Pytchely.  She was rather a late starter to the sport of eventing having been competing full time since the birth of her first child seven years ago. Anna runs a small but efficient livery yard on her husband’s family farm which helps to fund her passion of eventing and contribute towards the running costs of three event horses. Anna has two horses at novice level and one at advanced level who she aims to compete in her first cci*** this autumn. Anna prides herself on having produced her own horses from young ages with success. Eventing is her passion, not a profession, and although Anna is lucky to have some sponsorship from Dodson & Horrell, her local feed store who works in conjunction with her husband’s rural enterprise. Anna is proud to have achieved success through self-motivation and hard work. Anna says ‘ It is sometimes difficult competing at three star level amongst Olympians and professionals but the sport is just so friendly and supportive and I am lucky to be there competing with them, so I enjoy every moment and embrace the highs and lows of British Eventing.’


Anna Cheney
Anna Cheney

Matthew Cox is a professional dressage rider and trainer based at Anna’s yard in Tichmarsh. Matt has trained to Grand Prix, training his own horse from Novice to Grand Prix and competing them to Interedaire 1 and now is a British Dressage Group 2 rider and has competed internationally. Recently, he has trained with Spencer Wilton, John Bowen, Andrew Gould and Lisa Hopkins and in the past few years has also trained with Isabell Wessles, Hilary Huges, Claire Lilley and ridden in lecture demonstrations for Carl Hester. Matt is currently taking his UKCC3 and is a BD eastern region trainer.  Matt has strived to take something positive and unique from all his training experiences and has combined this knowledge to perfect his own training and teaching techniques.

Matt’s passion in teaching is to help his clients achieve the all-important ‘feel’. He says “I believe feel cannot be taught by instruction alone, it has to be developed through the rider experiencing the feel.” He strongly believes in encouraging his student’s confidence and says “I take immense pride in my work and clients, and am committed to helping them achieve their goals”.


Matt Cox
Matt Cox

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