Now that I’ve come down off cloud-nine, I’m now familiar with my home I can finally catch up with my blog!

Ester and I have recovered and fueled up on our sleep and we are now back in the normal routine! Ester enjoyed the best part of a week off and has thoroughly enjoyed herself! For the last week or two we have been out hacking in the luscious fields and she has been very eager to whack it up a few notches in speed!

We aim to start off with some NSEA showjumping and then to continue eventing at the end of the month with Pontispool BE90 and then to get back to BE100 at West Wilts. I thought that it would be a good plan to have a run at 90 again just to make sure that all our confidence is intact before going BE100 again!

I can’t wait to look back at the 2015 season as I have so many amazing places to go to and where I have been to! As I received an email to say that I have qualified for the Eventers challenge at Blenheim palace! Also, our school team has bagged a spot for the 1m5-1m10 at Hickstead! And with two BE100RF tickets we aim to get out and see some great places and create unforgettable memories! I have also been chosen for an amazing slot in the 2015 series of Horse and Hound magazines via Team Animalife; which will feature myself and Ester aswell as our results and inside stories!

Although I didn’t have the most flawless time at Badminton, I had an unforgettable time! I absolutely loved it and I will never forget my experience. I have had many of my school friends ask me about my time at Badminton and after I have told them; they follow up with something along the lines of ‘’ but you didn’t win, so why are you so happy’’ or ‘’ that’s not even that good?’’ However, there’s a difference between winning and losing, and that difference is so great; I may have been so far away from winning the title but I certainly didn’t lose anything! I have gained so much more than anything I have lost and everyone has something to work on… and lines might just be my thing!

So I would just like to finish off with saying a MASSIVE thank you to everyone at Eventing Worldwide (Jess, Tanzy, Dave and the rest of the fabulous team!) And of course a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me on such a huge journey and has helped me to overcome the biggest obstacle!

That goes out to my instructor ( Ben Liles) my phenomenal sponsors, especially to Wylde Equestrian (who infact pointed this opportunity out to me!) Hypocare for all of their amazing support aswell as Browband Deluxe, Animalife and Viniato. A special thank you for all of my Facebook page supporters who helped me reach my goal and times it by 4! I will definitely miss my time at EWW as it has been amazing and I’ve never ever done anything like this or, feature on any type of website!

Finally Good luck for the rest of the season and remember… Keep on kicking and think positive…it’ll get you places you’ve only dreamed of!

Megan is proudly sponsored by

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The EWW team would like to take this opportunity to say what an absolute pleasure it has been to work with you and to follow you and Ester on your wonderful journey to this years Grassroots Championships, we all think you did amazing and we are very proud of all you have achieved!

We wish all the luck and success with your future in Eventing and everything you choose to do, 

you will be missed very much indeed Megan, thank you and Good Luck, we hope to see you really soon,

Jess x


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