VIOVET – Massage and Magnetic therapies to benefit the event horse:

What is massage therapy and when is it needed?

Did you know that muscle tension is one of the most common causes of poor performance in horses? This can be caused by a number of different things, including high levels of work, periods of box rest, travelling, and following bouts of injury or back complaint.

By reducing tension and improving the flexibility, mobility and relaxation of the muscles, your horse is less likely to show signs of stiffness, hollowness, shortened stride or, in more extreme cases, rearing up and bucking. Injury and muscle fatigue will also be prevented.

The Equilibrium Massage Pad works by stimulating blood flow through pulses, strokes and vibrations, with each massage session lasting approximately 30 minutes. With three intensity settings, you can adjust the level of work your horse’s muscles are getting.

It is the perfect therapy for horses on box rest, after exercise (to help with toxin removal), before exercise (as part of a warm up), after travelling (e.g. to a show), on your horse’s day off, to help ease existing back problems, or as a rewarding or maintenance treatment.

The Equilibrium Massage Mitt works in the same way but provides a more hands-on approach.

What is magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is not a new thing. For centuries, we’ve recognised the incredible benefits of magnetic energy and its therapeutic powers in healing.

While magnets themselves cannot heal, their effect on the body promotes healing and the reduction of inflammation. By energising the body’s cells, which have electromagnetic properties, it encourages blood flow and cellular activity in the body, therefore increasing the rate at which cells regenerate and repair, and promoting faster healing.

For horses with inflammation, swelling, muscle cramps, tightness or tension, stiffness and arthritis, magnetic therapy can aid recovery and ease symptoms, whether from an injury or chronic condition.

The Equilibrium Magnetic Pad contains four removable magnets that promote circulation in the back and quarters by attracting or repelling the magnetic fields in the body’s cells, giving them energy.

When to use?

The Equilibrium Magnetic Pad is suitable for horses with a range of back complaints, including stiffness and swelling, especially common in horses that are older or stand in for long periods of time.

It is also useful for horses that suffer with cold back, those in high levels of work, those that have stiffness in the pelvic limb, and for all horses during cold weather.

Likewise, horses that suffer with soreness due to an ill-fitting saddle, those that are prone to tying-up, and horses that are pre and post-op for Kissing Spines, can also benefit from the therapeutic powers of the product.

The Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps can benefit horses on box rest by increasing blood flow in the legs and preventing swelling.

If you have any questions about either of these two products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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