Nikki Goldup is a new member to the EWW team, Nikki is a mad keen eventer with a love of all things stylish and fashionable, she will be bringing a new Fashion and Lifestyle side to EWW very soon, but in the mean time to get you enthused please enjoy reading Nikki’s first review!

I am addicted to sunglasses. I am never without a pair and have been known to wear them indoors… my excuse being that I used to work in ‘fashion’ so in my book it is entirely acceptable. Over the years I’ve had many pairs, from classic Rayban aviators, to Prada rose tinted and Oakley T – wires for sports. I’m happy to pay decent money for the right look and quality so naturally I wanted to see what German brand Uvex had on offer that might tempt me away from my usual labels.

I wanted to try some sunglasses that would be unisex, suitable for sports like skiing, well tinted for winter riding and driving on sunny days and most importantly durable. The style I opted for was sportsstyle 210. The Frames come in black, grey and white with a choice of coloured or black tinted lenses.

The one thing I love about Uvex products is the simplicity of design. This doesn’t just come about by chance, their thinking is very contemporary, using the best technology, materials and manufacturing processes to produce slick, functional products. With a history in making safety wear including glasses and goggles a transition into the sunglasses market was an obvious business decision.

As expected the lenses offer 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection but there are several little details that made the glasses really comfortable to wear. Firstly they are very lightweight but don’t feel like they will break the first time you drop them when jumping off your horse! The lenses have very subtle cut outs which allows for direct lens ventilation. This means when you warm up exercising and its cold outside you don’t get steamed up glasses. A minor detail but such a revelation when I wore the glasses on the gallops and didn’t want to have to take them off and wipe off condensation!

The glasses have soft earpieces and are made from an adjustable, cold formable material so they stay in place but don’t pinch. Again, a revelation for me as I have tried other brands and ended up with sore ears, especially when wearing glasses with a riding helmet. Uvex also have comfort in mind with the soft nose pads which keep the glasses in place and minimise pinching.

I wore the glasses on the gallops in strong, low winter sun, when driving and doing general yard work. They were comfortable to wear for long periods of time, stayed in place and didn’t pinch. The style was classically sporty but suited a wide range of friends who tried them on. They were very flattering and I liked the simplicity of design. It seems Uvex sunglasses do exactly what they say they will do and look cool too! My main revelation was the quality of the sun protection that the lenses provided. They were seriously good when driving and blocked out bright winter sun well. I think the Sportstyle 210 would be a perfect design for winter sports, but would also work on the beach and for summer riding. A 10 / 10 for Uvex who have really hit the mark and with a RRP of £34.95 the glasses are serious competition for brands such as Oakley who look positively overpriced in comparison.

Uvex make a fantastically wide range of glasses for all tastes and uses, from the very sporty tech versions to this classic aviator style Lgl14, with a retail price from £49.95.

They also offer riders some specifically designed glasses to be worn with their range of helmets. With variomatic lenses that alter the sunlight protection depending on light levels and lightweight frames. These designs are great to prevent glare when riding on light sand arenas and have been seen gracing the likes of sponsored riders Jay`Tiger’Halim, Bill Levett and Ben Hobday.

So what’s the verdict on Uvex sunglasses? Definitely a brand to check out for quality, affordability and cool design. Visit their website for more information and stockists: www.uvex-sports.com

Thank you to Maria Wynne and Uvex for your help with our Review.


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