After qualifying in August last year we are finally here! Stanley is a little lit up to say this least to be at his first ever sleepover!
 He has taken plenty of work yesterday and this morning to get him to settle but I think we got there in the end by the time it came to actually trotting down that long centre line at midday. We had one or two small things where I know he could of been better but overall I’m absolutely thrilled with him and we have been rewarded with a 28.9
There is a lot going on and lots to look at but its a lovely exciting atmosphere.
We have walked the course twice now and the second walk has been very beneficial. It’s very technical, a lot more technical than I thought, and there is no room to become complacent, but it is a championship course and that’s how it walks!
So I think for our partnership we just need to keep it together right until the very end! But I’m ready to get on with it now and I don’t think either of us can wait to get galloping around the course!

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