Welcome along to Cat Goulding who is our #Twitteeventing blogger for January, she tells us how she’s got back into riding aged 34 and how she’s looking forward to the Eventing Forum next month for a slightly different reason…


So on the 2nd February 2015, I am about to meet 80 people I’ve never met before at Hartpury for the International Eventing Forum – the 80 people are all members of #twittereventing… A group that is growing daily with men and women who are all mad enough to compete in the sport of eventing or who just want to follow it and support it.


I can’t wait! I feel like I know most of the 80 people going, although actually we wouldn’t know each other from Adam really but I can guarantee you that when we meet we will know each other’s horses names!  If you would have asked me 15 years ago if I ever thought I’d see the day where I was counting down to an affiliated one day event after being out of horses for 10 years I would have laughed out loud and probably continued drinking my glass of wine.



I’d ridden a lot when I was younger and went to PC as most do, followed by college where I completed an HND in equine studies – but then I found boys, and nights out and I had some money from working, so I gave horses up… That was 2000, now 15 years later, 34 years old, in a full time job as a senior manager in a global recruitment firm, I’m planning my first event, a BE 80 on my very own naughty 7 yr old ISH “Cappoquin Ned”.


Who would have thought it…


The day my boyfriend asked me to move into his little cottage in Lambourn was the day I knew I would start riding again, I went for a lesson at a local riding school to be asked by my instructor as to why I was having lessons? She said I was the same standard as her… I was surprised after all this time that I could remember how to get on and do rising trot let alone be told that.  So she said – come and ride a few of my horses next weekend…


Ok, off I went on the crazy chestnut for a hack – well I only went and hit the deck!! Fliss thought she would a. Never see me again and b. have a law suit against her in the coming weeks – well 4 years on we are the best of friends and are near enough joined at the hip! (Little did my hubby know…!).

Before Chris and I got married in 2013 I uttered the words “maybe I should get a horse of my own!) Little did I know that I would end up with a coloured (I didn’t want a coloured I wanted a bay) Irish (I wanted another TB), a 4 yr old (I wanted between 7&10) and something that when I arrived to see it was wrapped in electric fencing, had feet like slippers and a mane that would rival Rapunzel’s. This was my new horse!


Through hard work and determination, a lot of chilblains, tears and anger (all round) we are nearly ready for this event! Last year whilst browsing on Twitter (which I am now addicted to) I came across the group #TwitterEventing. Eventing has always been a passion of mine and I was intrigued as to what this was – so was overly chuffed when I saw it was a group set up by like-minded amateurs to discuss the trials and tribulations of eventing – offer guidance and advice and to share knowledge between each other –  I sent a request to see if they’d allow me into the world of twitter eventing, what a fab forum we have on Facebook so much knowledge and experience on there and I swear if I hadn’t seen so many people online posting about how they were doing their first event or aiming to do their first event at all ages, I would not be where I am today – seriously – I used to think eventing was all about money and having lots of it!! I was so wrong…


Everyone is normal (ish) and works damn hard to compete in a well-known dangerous sport – there are a few who know each other and have done for a long time – but I’m one of the new ones and can’t wait to meet others throughout the 2015 season, we have our “brand” which can be found on a lorry, or on the ever increasing #TE jackets – so if you see one of us out and about at events – please come and say hi – we more often than not will have cake, probably gin and/or wine – and mainly a smile for all.


Cat Goulding


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