Tried and Tested review: Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots

Equilibrium has just introduced its new Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots – boots they are calling the ultimate in leg protection.

So lets’ start with the technology behind these boots. Using the latest in research and technology, and independently tested in a Safety Laboratory, the Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots offer the perfect balance of weight, protection, breathability and flexibility. They have a breathable multi-layer composition, with robust mesh inner layer, protective inner panels, tough EVA honeycomb outer, and strategically placed strike guards. And they have been tested to protect against concussion and penetration.

But what does this all mean when they are in use?

One of the biggest benefits is how lightweight the boots are. But I have always found that with Equilibrium boots. But this doesn’t mean they don’t offer superior protection. In fact, just the opposite. Being lightweight means there is less chance of rubbing making them extremely comfortable when in use. And they don’t slip down due to the close-fit to the horses leg. Having a thoroughbred with skinny legs I found no issues with them staying put whilst they were in use.

And I can be confident of the protection they offer giving you real peace of mind that they will keep the horses legs from knocks, bumps and scrapes. Whilst offering the best protection, because they are breathable, my horses legs were kept cool when in work.

One issue when going cross country is that boots can become very heavy when you’ve been through the water, and then they take an absolute age to dry. This latest offering from Equilibrium dries very quickly. So no forgetting them when you’ve left them out to dry for hours.

Although advertised a sports boot, these really do offer an all-round boot. So whether it is turning out, hacking, schooling or jumping, these boots have you covered. Having had previous incarnations of Equilibrium products I found these to offer great improvements. I would highly recommend these boots to anyone looking for a lightweight boot, with lots of protection.

As well as being available in black, white, azure blue or flame Red, they come in small, medium and large. Team them up with the Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boot for Hind Legs and you are guaranteed to have the ultimate all-round leg protection.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Colours: Black, White, Azure Blue and Flame Red
RRP: £64.95
Visit; Equilibrium Products | NEW Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots | Front

Check out this great video with William Fox-Pitt and Sam Griffiths and why they believe these are fantastic boots..

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