The company Back on Track manufactures joint and muscle protection, which are manufactured from a “ceramic textile” which is sold under the registered brand name Back on Track.

The textile is made up of fibres of polyester and polypropylene (some of the products are mixed with cotton fibres) with a ceramic powder fused into the fibres. The ceramic gives the fabric its unique property, which reflects body heat in the form of infrared heat radiation.

Our 2018 Supported Riders were lucky enough to be offered some of the products from the Back on Track range to test.

Alice Dunsdon – International 4* Event Rider

The Leon Rug is a robust, multifunctional and breathable rug. The heavy-duty outer is lined with the hi-tech Welltex™ fabric to maximise the benefits of far infrared for the wearer. A sturdy mesh covers the thin layer of Welltex™ to help keep the horse cool, calm and relaxed. Ideal for travelling and shows, the rug stands out amongst the rest with its luxurious champagne colour.
The Welltex far infrared technology in the Leon Rug means the horse can benefit by wearing the rug prior to exercise to warm up the muscles as well as following exercise to aid recovery and recuperation. It may also be used under other rugs during colder months and provides the Back on Track effect throughout the body.

Alice Dunsdon was the lucky rider to receive the Leon Rug for testing at her yard.

The rug was not only gorgeous to look at, but it had so many uses, I need more!
The sizing was great; it fitted well and had a sleek appearance which I liked. I used it as a travel rug, in the stable after riding, and also took it away to events with me, so that the horses could have it on after competing. I have found it to be a really useful rug, it looks good on, so you can take it away to events with you and know that your horse will arrive looking super smart, but it also has those added benefits of helping with circulation after work which is so important with horses competing at any level, their comfort and recovery is priority, so knowing that we were helping with this was great.

Back on Track have undertaken numerous tests of the Welltex to ensure that their products contain the required amount of ceramic particles to correctly emit the infra-red ray to provide the wearer with the maximum benefit to the circulatory system. Increased blood circulation can relieve joint tension, maximise performance and help avoid injury.

The Leon Rug features wrap over double clip front closure for added comfort and snug fit and soft quilting for the delicate wither area. It is available in sizes from 5’9” (125cm) to 7’3” (165cm) with an RRP of £159.00.

Grass Roots BE100 Rider Hannah Townley was the tester on the Back on Track Saddle Pad and a pair of Classic Leg Wraps.
Back on Track were proud to offer their Saddle Pad No.1 in a brand-new navy colour. Back on Track has harnessed the natural power of the far infrared wave through their unique Welltex™ fabric which is infused with ceramic particles to promote mobility and wellbeing through increased circulation.
Hannah loved the fact that the saddle pad fitted her monoflap saddle really well. It stayed in place, not moving even on some long ridden canter stretches. When the saddle pad was removed after the fast ridden work, the underneath of the pad was dry, and the moisture had wicked away from the skin to the outside of the saddle pad, which had left Rhingo dry and comfortable.
The Saddle Pad No.1 comes in both jumping and dressage styles, designed for security, comfort, health and wellbeing. Each Saddle Pad is made from robust cotton/polyester, designed with a high wither and girth strap fitting for extra security, finished with Back on Track’s embroidered logo. Ideal for horses susceptible to stiffness before exercise, the Saddle Pad encourages suppleness and circulation in the horse’s back muscles whilst warming up and during exercise. This relieves muscle tension and supports the overall wellbeing of the horse and aids recovery time.

The Saddle Pad No.1 is available in dressage or jumping styles, in Cob, Full or X Full sizes. Both styles are available in navy, black and white. RRP £64.00 (Inc.VAT)

The Back on Track® Leg Wrap Classic has enabled horses around the world to benefit from the Back on Track effect, and has proved effective for horse with swollen legs, tendons and soft tissue injuries. The comfortable Welltex™ lining conforms to the shape of the leg and the soft inner edge makes it easy to wrap and keep in place with a bandage. This versatile square in two sizes will prove invaluable.

Hannah completely agreed with the company’s description of these leg wraps. She felt they were super soft and easy to bandage over. The sizing was perfect and true to size and the wraps stayed in place overnight. Rhingo has suffered from ‘puffy’ legs in the morning, but these Leg Wrap Classic provided the support where needed and there was no filling of the legs in the mornings. Overall Hannah was delighted with this product and says she will be purchasing an additional pair.

Our 2* event rider tested the standard Back on Track® Equine Back Warmer.

These have been well established for many years, but has recently been updated. This new version Horse Back Warmer has an enhanced design, a different material (being the same, soft Polyester/Cotton material as the Saddle Pad) and is shaped to fit the contour of the horses back. The revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric supports circulation, which can provide comfort for aching and tired backs, muscle strain, cold backs etc., to keep the muscles warm and supple, which, in turn, increases your horses wellbeing. It has a ‘D’ ring on both sides for fitting a breast girth (available separately), a circingle loop and a fillet string for under the tail.

With a full yard of horses to exercise daily the Back Warmer was a welcome addition. It was so versatile that it got used for numerous different reasons, including warming up the horses before their training sessions started, to keep on whilst cooling down the horses after their training, so that their muscles didn’t become cold and stiff.

On the lunge to give that extra warmth to their muscles to help with promoting suppleness over their backs whilst working, and again to help with the cooling down process.
A definite hit for the Horse Back Warmer, in fact, a couple more would be a welcome addition to the yard if Santa is reading this!!

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