TRI-ZONE Impact Sports Boot

Highly protective sports boot independently tested in a laboratory for their ability to withstand concussion and penetration whilst remaining lightweight, flexible and breathable. Cushioned EVA inner lining, middle layer of EVA mesh to protect against concussion, outer layer of tough Rotex with TPU strike pads & integral TPU strips to protect against penetration. Can be worn front or hind.

Colour: Black
One size : Horse

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Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots
Tested to be tough – Trusted by champions

Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boot from Equilibrium Products is a tough, durable boot specially designed for high impact sports such as cross country, racing, hunting, hunter trials, driving and polo. Independently tested in a safety laboratory for their ability to withstand concussion and penetration whilst remaining lightweight, flexible and breathable.

Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boot uses a four-layered protection system that comfortably moulds around the horse’s leg.

The inner layer is made from a soft impact absorbing EVA which is formed into pillows to provide maximum comfort. This inner layer is perforated to allow heat to evaporate from the horse’s skin.

The middle layer is made from an EVA mesh which helps to absorb impact but also allows heat to escape freely from inside the boot.

A robust outer layer is made of hard wearing Rotex for high abrasion resistance.

Additional outer strike pad areas, made from TPU protect from penetration injuries.

Strategically placed integral TPU strips form protective panels to protect the most vulnerable areas of the horse’s leg.

TRI-ZONE Over Reach Boots

Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots from Equilibrium Products have been developed to provide an extremely hard wearing boot that offers safe protection from over reach injuries.

Protection is concentrated where it is needed, at the heel. This area is made from non-PVC rubber, which is exceptionally tough and highly resistant to abrasion. The boot is prevented from spinning by a neat heel button, which also improves the ability of the boot to absorb an impact.Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 16.15.11

The carefully designed shape of this innovative boot minimizes the risk of an accident resulting from the horse treading on the boot.

The outer fabric is ballistic PU Nylon, which is very hard-wearing, waterproof and rot-proof.

Easy to wear, easy to wash

Sizes: Small/Medium (fit 14h -15 3h)
Large/XLarge (fit 16h +)

Colour: Black

 “we used the Impact Sports Boots on our horses at our first event of this season, the boots are very lightweight and slimline, which we liked and  because of the soft impact absorbing EVA, and the four layered protection these boots fitted really well, moulding to the horses legs, allowing them to stay cool. They didn’t absorb and hold on to the water, and the velcro was extremely tough, we didn’t use any tape on these to hold the straps secure as it wasn’t needed, they stayed in place perfectly, with no movement at all. The over reach boots are made of a really hard wearing material, and the heel button kept them in place well. We where very impressed with the performance of these boots and our horses seemed very happy wearing them, all peformed really well” – Simmone Bragg

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