This month we look at quarter marks.

Quarter marks are done on the hind quarters of a horse. They are really cool patterns and you can do so many designs!! Some people use stencils and some do them by free hand. You can get customised stencils to your liking, I.e a business logo, Union Jack, chamrock etc. 

Tools:  a firm small bristled brush , a spray bottle with fly spray, quick braid or something similar, water is always good. 

Racing stripes. 

These are probably the most common and easiest to do, and also my most go to of choice. Start by brushing the hair as normal, and then spray, or wet your brush and then brush hair, starting at the croup or just behind. Hold the brush vertically and stroke down. Move over one brush width and brush down again. And then repeat.  You now have 3 vertical stripes. Then even the lower part of the stripes by brushing horizontally, in the direction of hair, to leave a straight finish.
This is simple yet striking.

Sharks teeth

Now for the sharks teeth on the lower hind quarters. 
So to start brush the hair as normal, using your spray or water. Brush in a sweeping diagonal movement upwards towards the tail, then follow this downwards with a diagonal stroke from the hip.
You now how have a ‘tooth’ or ‘point’
Begin the 2nd tooth alongside the 1st staggering your brush stroke a little further forward towards the stifle. Brush diagonally upwards again parallel to the 1st. Now brush diagonally down, parallel alongside the 1st downward stroke. Now you have a 2nd point.  Continue on to a 3rd point, and even a 4th if it suits.  

To finish of check behind the horse to see that both sides are equal and brush from the spine down to the tail and with half circles from the tail down the hamstrings on either side to create a finishing touch.

Be prepared to get mad with yourself,  these take time and practice. Over time you will develop the art and proper angle and know what looks good.  

Practice practice practice. The great think about quarter marks is they can easily be erased, so you can keep going until you have perfected them. I found that every horse, I brushed tacked up etc, I would practice until I got them how I wanted them. Once you have mastered a technique it doesn’t take lots of time.

Look out for my step by step video guide, soon on EWW Facebook.

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