The next generation is snapping at the heels of the big boys and girls. Chubby Shetlands, Pony Club and loads of cake is where it’s at. Our new junior testing team have style by the muck skip full and more fashion savvy than a glossy mag editor! In our first instalment the EWW mini eventers test Tuffa Easy Peasy Pull on Chaps.

These chaps are an innovation by Tuffa.

Designed with really young riders in mind, the Lycra chaps can be pulled on easily without having to struggle with stiff zips and poppers. A blessing, as any parent knows it’s the getting ready to ride that takes the time!

All you have to do is pull the chaps over jodhpurs or jeans, put on your boots and fasten the elastic stirrup under the foot. Easy Peasy! With the chaps looking the same as standard chaps, they are a great alternative for little riders, although with sizes from XS to Large they cater for zip phobic adults too!

So what did the kids think?

‘I like these as I can put them on myself and they are nice and soft. They look really smart and grown up for Pony Club and stop my legs getting sore. They also keep me warm.’ said Piers (aged 5).
‘I think mums will like them as their kids can put them on themselves and they won’t cry as there are no tricky zips’ said Henry (aged 7). Adding ‘Tuffa chaps look cool with jeans, I don’t like wearing girlie jodphurs. Overall I really like them and they are comfortable to ride in and don’t slip. They also look like armour which is really cool’

The Mum’s View…

Anything that makes my kids quicker to get ready for riding is a bonus. The Tuffa Easy Peasy Chaps are simple to put on by the children themselves and are great quality. They would be useful addition for kids going to Pony Club or attending lessons at a riding school. Because they have some stretch they would grow with the child so the RRP of £14.99 is competitively priced and affordable. The chaps were generously cut so the children needed smaller sizes. They wash easily and are relatively quick to dry.

The verdict

A definitive thumbs up for Tuffa Easy Peasy Pull on Chaps. They are simple to use and tick all the style boxes, especially for boys who want simple, plain and functional riding kit that works. Find out more about them HERE

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