Nearly at the start of the season – eight horses to Aston, all mostly ready, but you will want an update on the Lawn. Well, we parked the cars blocking the end of the yard and The Master jumped over the hedge, shouted for a few friends to join him and ended up outside Ma’s bedroom window. Not a good day.

I need to say a few words about the dogs; the senior Lady is Bovril, otherwise known as the Chairman’s dog as she led the way on the XC at Purston and the comments on the loudspeaker made Ma hide in the lorry while I was sent to collect her. Second in line is Nala, who can be relied on to jump all fences and at the height of her fame illustrated her technique by leading the Junior course walk at Ballendenisk round the track. She does do an excellent disappearing act and Bettina Hoy said if she heard the shouts of NALA, NALA once more round the lorry park she would tie us both up. Third in succession is Wellie, so named because her mother is called Boots and she is an excellent warming pad for neck, shoulders or lap despite being a fully grown Pointer. Our final recruit is Wilson who belongs to Abi the Groom and is a model of decorum and an example to all.

I would like to introduce you to our two stallions Donk (Friendly Game) and Sirius (Fouquet de Valada). They are very well-behaved and bring a certain amount of class to the establishment. Donk shows off to all and would like to live in the house, pretends to read the Daily Mail and is prone to lick my neck. Sirius is sometimes an experienced campaigner and sometimes reacts like a four year old if the green barrel has taken residence in the school. He doesn’t read but likes pop music. Both are going to Aston and Tweseldown and would like to go to a CCI* at the end of the year; Donk says he is very confident and Sirius just wants to end up above him in the placings. The Master and Tigga are not impressed and will show them how it is done later in the year.

Batty says that the three other youngsters making up the team Griff, Raven and Otto are not important enough to have a separate rating in this blog and since he will be aiming at CCI** competitions , they can just go out on other occasions and try to remember their dressage tests. Oh, and don’t have first fence-itus  as mother is prone to do in the 100 classes.

I now wait with bated breath for the first competition and will report back on the highs, the lows and the eliminations.

Love Roo x

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