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Following on from out Burghley edits, the EWW lifestyle Editor looks at classic British tailoring for this week’s Euro Horse Inspections.

Since 1992 Richard James has quickly established a reputation for itself as a leading luxury brand that has set the standard for contemporary tailoring and menswear.

The first of the ‘New Establishment’ tailors on Savile Row, Richard James is proud to have contributed to revitalising what has long been acknowledged as the world centre for tailoring with its bold, progressive take on the timeless and traditional.

A brand which recognises and respects the traditions of Savile Row, but does so with boldness and vibrancy and an eye for the individual, the brand is a definitive way forward for those looking for something just a little more stand-alone than the generic tweed sports jacket.

The lifestyle editor has selected a bold windowpane check jacket, with accent colours of yellow and red, echoing  the autumnal colours in season. The tailored shirt is designed with a higher button so can be worn with or without a tie – depending on the formality of the occasion and wearer, in deep red it strikes a contrast and the coffee cavalry twill trousers.  Made from hard-wearing 100% wool coffee cavalry twill, they are cut in a slim Japanese inspired Seishin fit, with a straight leg.  Supplied with unfinished hems, they can be altered to fit any height of rider.

Lastly, the look is teamed with a classic pair of Fairfax and Favor driving shoes. A classic style and entirely suitable for keeping up with a 4* horse.  If the weather is dismal swap to their Chelsea boots for a more robust alternative. Styled in mustard yellow, with an all rubber sole they accent the colours seen in the jacket and offer personality to the outfit, which is formal but doesn’t necessarily follow the generic suited look.

  1. Richard James, tan, red and yellow giant windowpane Hyde jacket 100% wool – £675.00

  1. Richard James tailored red & orange pinhead shirt, 100% cotton  – £165.00

  1. Richard James coffee cavalry twill trousers, 100% wool – £265.00

  1. Fairfax and Favor – The Driver – Orange  Suede – £120.00

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