The eventing season has officially started!



The eventing season has officially started! Well, not quite yet for us unfortunately as our first event at Tweseldown has been abandoned due to an unprecedented amount of rain.

It really doesn’t feel like spring just yet! We’ve had so much rain and still waking up to frosty mornings (when it’s not raining of course). As disappointing it is to have had our first event abandoned, we have to spare a thought for the organisers of these events. They put in so much time and effort organising the whole thing for it to be called off due to Mother Nature. So unfortunate and we really do feel for them and are so thankful for their efforts.

Despite the lack of first event, we are on track to compete next weekend at Aldon with Louis (Finduss PFB) who will be campaigning his first novice. He has been training very well, was excellent cross country schooling last week and has been working very well at home. He looks and feels great so we are very hopeful to hit the ground running on the eventing scene! No doubt Louis will be unable to contain his excitement to be at an event again! Louis will be aiming for 1* level this season all being well, fingers crossed. Gladys (Gladstone I PFB) will make her debut for the season at Larkhill in a few weeks’ time in the BE100 – she has been training very well through the winter, she’s a big mare so we’re taking our time with her but she is working well beyond her years. We have a good few young horses coming through now who will be campaigning the BYEH classes and maybe the odd 4yr old event later on in the season.

Louis training at home
Louis training at home

On the young horse front, we have had to bring most of our youngstock in due to the bad weather. This never does them any harm as it teaches them manners and how to behave in a stable and round their handlers. We also try to get them on the walker every now and again too just to give them some exercise and get them used to new things, and also so they get used to being lead and to trust their handlers. We find they really like going on the walker, they think it’s great fun! We are slowly starting to advertise some of our youngstock as we have a lot of very nice, well-bred youngsters that we are proud to bring to market.

We also had delivery of a lovely new horsebox courtesy of Nigel Bishop Motoring Ltd Nigel helps us with all of our vehicles and has outdone himself this time! He has recently become the Devon distributor of John Oates horseboxes, and we have to say we are really impressed with ours. It’s strong and well-built and with the horse in mind. We can’t wait to get out using it regularly.

Our wonderful new lorry
Our wonderful new lorry

We’ve also been lucky enough to have our first foal born this year! Giselle, a lovely grey mare owned by a lovely family came in for foaling at the beginning of February. She was due on 16th March but the foal came early and was born in the very early hours of the morning on 3rd March. The filly foal has been


named Lucy and is by dressage stallion Lord Leatherdale. The foaling was incredibly easy and the foal is so lovely. Mum and baby are doing really well and even had their very first time out in the field this week. They are only allowed out for 10 minutes at a time just for a bit of exercise, and this will gradually increase as the foal’s limbs get stronger. They definitely enjoyed it, and Lucy is incredibly bold and strong for such a young foal!

We now eagerly await the births from our own broodmares due in July.

Meanwhile we can’t wait to get started out eventing! Fingers crossed the weather starts to improve.

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