Hello everyone

Well what a crazy couple of weeks I have had resulting in the announcement that I Jessica Crocker am indeed your new owner/editor of EWW.

I am a 31yo wife to Matthew and mum to my gorgeous son Harvey, and we live in Devon with our spaniels Horace and Betty, 2 ponies Holly and Cracker and an ancient Tb called Archie!!

My awesome eventer – The Night Traveller. Photo courtesy of Demuir Images

Enough about me let me tell you how Ive ended up gaining this new position,

On returning from my annual holiday at the beginning of January my Facebook feed informed me of the new owner/editor opportunity for EWW, I read the post and scrolled on to see what I had missed over the festive period. Anyway this Post kept reappearing on my news feed and no matter how hard I tried to ignore it, so I thought ummm perhaps someone’s trying to tell me something.

Well after 4 emails, 6 telephone calls and a meeting here I am,

My love and passion for everything eventing is huge and I make no secret of it, I live and breathe for the sport and work everyday just to be able to be part of it, so the opportunity to be able to talk, write an report about he sport all day everyday with justification was a no brainer. Its a dream come true and a welcomed break for my husband who has had to sit, listen and nod continuously whilst a witter on!

As I write to you I feel comfortable in the company all things eventing, but I have to be honest  the thought of getting everything to you all via the website somewhat frightens the life out of me, but hey how difficult can it be ?

I will continue to bring you all the latest news, fantastic photos and our xc photo gallery will be updated with the new courses for 2015.

We will be reporting on more events, running more competitions and introducing a new gallery, so make sure you send me all those selfies and photos from your events.

Emily King will continue to blog for us as will Louisa Milne and Chester our Irish Horse to name a few.

We have some new bloggers, including Lynn our Eventing Mum and Megan our Grassroots blogger so we look forward to following their season and wish them the best of luck.

There will be some new opportunities coming up for those who wish to be part of the EWW team, so watch this space,

I feel extremely lucky to have 2 wonderful event horses, Hugo and Darcy, I hope you will enjoy following their season, lets hope its a successful one! They can be found under EWW horses.

My super horses Darcy and Hugo. Photo Courtesy of Demuir Images

My sponsored rider is the super Alexander Bragg, I say super because Alex and his team do a fantastic job producing my horses and he works extremely hard to keep me happy and in rosettes, I have been known to be just a little bit competitive on the “odd” occasion!

Enjoy following Team Bragg and all their wonderful horses.

I will endeavour to make EWW the hub of everything eventing and hope to make it enjoyable and informative reading for you all.

If there’s anything you would like to see on the  website, I’d love to hear from you, or if you feel you have something to contribute to EWW then please email me on

I hope you all have a wonderful successful 2015 season, please keep me updated with all your emails, photos, facebook posts and tweets, Id love to hear from you all.

So for now I’ll sign off, but before I go I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Louise for all the hard work and long hours she has put into to making EWW the fantastic website it is. I personally want to thank her for all her help and this amazing opportunity. Im sure you will all join me in wishing Louise the very best of luck with any new venture, and we hope to see you out this season with all your free time ;0)

See you all soon


Remember you heard it hear first…..

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