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Cotton Gift Bag

Moorland Rider’s Cotton Gift Bag is the perfect ‘wrapping’ for any gift this Christmas. The natural cottonGift Bags Image[1][1] gift bag comes in two sizes with each featuring a bright, fun, equestrian design on the front. Not only is the Cotton Gift Bag the perfect way to give a gift, but it can also be reused afterwards.

The Cotton Gift Bag is available in small and large, and prices start from £3.50. Gift tag included.

Horse Stuff Big Bag

The Horse Stuff Big Bag has a huge capacity and is ideal for carrying whatever is needed from one place Horse Stuff Pink hi res[1][1]
to another! The 10oz cotton canvas bag is eco friendly and has a fun, novel design on the front. It comes with a smaller bag to make it easy to store ­the Horse Stuff Big Bag is just folded up and stored inside.

The Horse Stuff Big Bag is available in pink and natural and has a RRP

of £10.50.

Horsewear Wash-Bag

This practical Christmas gift will be loved for years to come…in fact, the recipient will wonder how they Wash-bag Large[1][1]lived without it!

The bag acts like a filtration system, allowing water and detergent through to wash the products within, without hair and grit from the dirty horse products escaping into the machine. It’s easy to use as dirty numnahs, saddlecloths, bandages and more are just loaded in before the zip is fastened and the whole lot is put into the washing machine. It’s as simple as that! After the wash, the clean products are removed and it’s ready to go again. It also makes a great laundry bag.

The Horsewear Wash-Bag is available in orange, black and white (making it easy to keep whites, darks and colours separate) and prices start from £8.95. A Petwear version is also available.

Horse Stuff Shopper

This is one of Moorland Rider’s latest additions to the range and makes a perfect, low cost Christmas gift for anyone horsey!

The natural cotton canvas bag has a large capacity and features a striking black print featuring the HS Shopper Image[1][1]popular horse’s head that also appears on the company’s Horse Stuff Big Bag. It’s a great gift for anyone horsey, whether it’s used to ferry products to the stables or for shopping and more.

The Horse Stuff Shopper is available in natural and has a RRP of £5.50.

For more information, see, email or call 01782 397796

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