I’ve been a little tardy about blogging recently. ‘I am just so busy’ has been said to too many people far too many times but the reality is, as Louise at EWW will know, I am an incredibly busy person. As I’ve written here before, juggling work, family (3 kids), co-editing my own magazine style website and looking after 7 horses is a logistical nightmare. But as one wise, or busy, person once said… ask a busy person if you want to get things done… well in my case they won’t be done immediately but things will always be done.


One of the projects that has kept me busy was the End of Season Ball, held last November. Working with the most inspiring team, my friend Alexis Ross and NZ event rider Bruce Haskell, we planned a black tie event for almost 300 guests who partied in the only way eventers know – hard! I’m sure many of you have seen the photos, read the tweets and reviews so I don’t need to go into detail, suffice to say eventers scrub up well and know how to celebrate. It was apparent that the #offseason is an important time for pro-riders to catch up with life, holidays and socialise. I’m not really a gushing person but I was quietly proud of the night and the really strong sense of community amongst all the guests. The old friends and those less well acquainted all left with big smiles… and some also without their shoes! The lost property collection was particularly eclectic…


One lasting memory of the night was the cerebral and brilliantly written speech given by Bruce as a prelude to the presentation of British Eventing and Event Riders Association Awards. Bruce spoke about his sport with such passion, talking about how he sees Eventing developing in the next few years. Amongst other points he raised the issue of rider apathy in relation to raising the global profile of eventing. By raising the sport’s profile, he hopes that there will be more opportunities for sponsorship, larger prize funds and support for riders, and a greater understanding of the sport within the wider public domain. Banishing apathy is about getting involved, telling the world about our passion, what we do and why we do it. It’s about working collectively with a clear aim for the good of the sport.


I guess I’m already preaching to the converted but after a winter of 4.30am starts and poo picking in the dark and mud with a head torch, it’s important to me to remember why eventing is my raison d’être.  Don’t get me started on the mud though…

Me & Wanda in action! Credit: Lens Vanity Photography


Winter and the off season can be a drag unless you have things to focus on and that is exactly what I’ve been doing. I truly believe that enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm.  Eventing has such a strong community and some amazing characters within it, it’s now time to harness that strength, support one another and think big. So 2015 will be very ‘busy’ for me,  I truly believe that the opportunities that life offers us should be taken and appreciated so that’s what team Black and White will be doing.


See you all in March. I will be the busy one, pushing a pram, leading three horses, on a conference call / tweeting and probably trying to remember a dressage test. Some may say it’s a lot of work and stress for an amateur ‘hobby’ but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


To read more about Nikki’s eventing life follow her on @bandw_eventing or or keep your eyes peeled for her next EWW blog.

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