The Benefits of a Water Treadmill  

The aqua treadmill is an advanced form of hydrotherapy which combines the unique healing properties of cold water with safe, controlled exercise in a straight line.

It is excellent as part of a rehabilitation programme but also extremely beneficial for a healthy horse which can through correct work with an experienced operator develop core strength and improved balance.

The water provides buoyancy which can support a limb but also resistance to the limb moving through the water.  This additional restistance works against the fibres and tendons massaging them and aligning them in the right direction providing healing and soothing properties.  

Working a horse on the water treadmill helps improve their range of movement and strengthens their musco-skeletal system whilst putting minimum stress on their front legs and feet. The horses take higher steps to go over the water in a different pattern from their stride on dry land and by the control of speed and balance the horse is encouraged to ‘sit’ more behind.  Overall there is an increase in muscular flexibility, tone and muscle mass. Horses are worked in a strictly controlled environment with belt speed and water height adapted to each individual horse.

This form of hydrotherapy optimises lymphatic and circulatory function and can assist with the repair of tendons and suspensory ligaments. It can also help with degenerative joint disease as it increases joint flexion as well as being anti-inflammatory. Many conditions that horses suffer from are greatly relieved by working without a rider in perfect balance in a water treadmill some of the most common are a sore back, weak hindquarters, jarring through the shoulders and weak stifles. A study has shown that working at a certain height of water (Carpel) can also help increase the gap between dorsal spine processes so benefitting horses suffering from kissing spine.

We provide a controlled exercise programme for helping to recruit and activate core muscles.  The treadmill plays a role in the training successes of many top level eventers, show jumpers and dressage horses.  It has kept horses sound and in a working life and the benefits are not exclusive to the elite of the sport there are horses from every discipline and at every level that are enjoying a better quality of working life thanks to their training on a water treadmill.

South West Equine Water Treadmill offers safe, controlled exercise on a water treadmill ideal for rehab for tendons, ligaments, kissing spine or general weaknesses. 

Great for fitness without concussion or ideal to give your horse variety as they love it. 

£35 a session or if paid in advance £175 for 6 sessions (6th one free)

For more information contact Lisa Ford 07880721131 and for Eventers in the South call Pip Stone 07590266222. 

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