Super Sterling Silver Snaffle Friendship Bracelets – new from Hiho Silver

Hiho Silver has expanded its range of popular friendship bracelets to include the new Exclusive Sterling Silver Snaffle Friendship Bracelet – the perfect gift for a pal and ideal for Christmas.

The pretty piece features a handmade sterling silver snaffle that’s set in the centre of the bracelet and is held on strong, soft cord that comes in four great colours. Either side of the snaffle and at the end of each side of the bracelet there’s a sterling silver bead, and the piece is finished with Hiho’s sterling silver toggle that makes it fully adjustable – so one size really does fit all!

“This little beauty makes a great addition to our Friendship Bracelet collection,” says Emma Warren from Hiho Silver. “The snaffle seemed like an obvious choice as it’s such a popular design for us in the main Equestrian Collection. This piece joins the popular Hearts and Horseshoes Friendship Bracelet that’s a real hit with equestrians, as well as our other non-equestrian designs including Hammered Flower, Star, Hammered Heart, ID, Beaded and Bobbly. The great thing about these bracelets is that they look great on their own, but can also be stacked. They’re also ideal for children and adults. We love them!”

The Exclusive Sterling Silver Snaffle Friendship Bracelet is available with turquoise, black, navy and purple cord and has a RRP of £30.

For more information, see or call 01460 221006.


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