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Petplan Equine, one of the UK’s leading specialist horse insurers, is determined to help horse owners quickly identify lameness. Over 45% of Petplan Equine claims in 2015 were lameness related showing how common an issue this is within the equine community. 

Petplan Equine’s ‘Spotting Lameness’  aims to help all horse owners and riders learn more about the symptoms, treatment and related issues of lameness. In addition to an interactive game putting visitor’s lameness knowledge to the test, the supporting material available includes an educational video, a poster to display in yards and tack rooms and first-hand advice from Petplan Equine vet

Gil Riley.

“Identifying lameness in your horse early on is vital” said Petplan Equine Vet

Gil Riley. “The high number of insurance claims for lameness related conditions highlights that this is an area it’s useful for all horse owners to understand more about. The information Petplan Equine is providing to allow people to detect signs of lameness more easily will be a real help to owners and their horses.”

“Petplan Equine shares many helpful hints and tips about lameness – in some instances horse owners have never been asked to trot up a horse for a vet, or wouldn’t know what to look for in less acute lameness’s both of which  are important skills that all horse owners need to know”. Petplan Equine veterinary partner

Gil Riley Cert EP MRVCS and Juliette Edmonds BVSc, MRCVS a Petplan Equine sponsored rider will also be on hand to answer any specific questions about lameness at the Hickstead meeting.

“At Petplan Equine the welfare of horses and ponies is extremely important to us and we want to share this passion with owners and riders. We hope that we can help increase knowledge about lameness in the equestrian world therefore improving the chance of a quick recovery in lame horses” said Charlotte Gibbs, Senior Marketing Executive for Petplan Equine. “Being able to spot lameness and have the correct information means that horse owners will be in a good position to help their horses and discuss any issues with their vet at the earliest opportunity. It’s also essential that in addition to having the knowledge to be able to recognise lameness quickly you also have the funds available to ensure your horse can receive any treatment your vet recommends which is why it’s so important that horse owners have the right horse insurance in place.”

To find out more about Petplan Equine’s Lameness campaign, please visit:

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