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Petplan   Equine   one   of   the   UK’s   leading   horse   insurance   providers   has   continued to sponsor seven  riders  in  the  UK,  chosen  from  among  464  applicants  who applied to be part of the programme.  Petplan Equine was  looking  for  riders  who  are  well known  in  their  local  equestrian community  and  compete  regularly  with  more  than  one horse.  As the  riders  are ambassadors for  the brand  they  also had  to have had  first-hand  experience  of what it  is to be a Petplan customer, having made a claim within the past five years and be willing to take part  in  a  broad  spectrum  of  activities  to  help  Petplan  Equine  in  its  horse  care  knowledge sharing  initiatives.  In  return  they  received  branded  kit  and  financial  support  towards competition expenses.

“At  Petplan  Equine  we  believe  strongly  in  responsible  horse  ownership,”  said  Charlotte Collyer,  senior  marketing  executive  at  Petplan  Equine,  “and  that  includes  being  able  to provide the best care for your horse at all times. All of our seven selected riders have shown not only riding ability and determination, but also a sound approach to horse care including an appreciation of the value of insurance.  They have experienced first-hand how important it is to have  their horses  adequately insured to  cover  the  costs of  vets’ fees  and  treatment when one of their horses has been injured or sick.”

The seven riders include Hertfordshire equine veterinary surgeon Juliette Edmonds who was
nominated for the Petplan Vet of the Year in 2014. “Insurance provides peace of mind that
in an emergency there will be funds to help with vet fees or third party costs,” said Juliette.

Jack  Stancombe  has  worked  for  event  rider  Kathryn  Harris  for  seven  years.  “I  want my horses to have the very best care,” said the  24 year old from Gloucestershire,  “and if they need treatment for injury or illness I know they we ll get the very best care and I won’t have to have the worry about struggling to pay the bills.”

Amy  Gilbert,  from  Cornwall  who  runs  Biscovillack  Spotted  Sports  Horse  Stud  ,  added: “I think when you’re insured, the confidence it instils in you as an owner gives you the chance to sit back and focus on the most important part which is getting your horse back to health, knowing you have the full financial support of your  insurance company.”

The seven riders selected are:

  • Rachael Jayne Barker, 30, an equine and canine sports practitioner from Nottingham
  • who enjoys showing and side saddle
  • Lili Brooksby, 28, is a riding instructor and online dressage shop owner, from Rothley,
  • Leicestershire and competes in affiliated dressage
  • Juliette Edmonds, 36, an equine veterinary surgeon from Royston, Hertfordshire
  • competes in affiliated eventing
  • Charlotte Edwards, 21, is a full time show jumper from Chalfont St Peter, Bucks
  • Amy Gilbert, 24, part time sales assistant from St Austell, Cornwall runs a breeding
  • programme, the aim of which is to breed spotted sport horses.  Amy competes in
  • dressage, show jumping and eventing
  • Lorna Hogg, 35, local government officer from Inverurie, Aberdeenshire is a keen
  • endurance rider
  • Jack Stancombe, 24, head groom/competition rider from Cirencester, Gloucestershire is pursuing a career as an event rider

Further details about the riders and their horses can be found on the Petplan Equine

website at  www.petplanequine.co.uk/events/sponsored-riders-2015.asp

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