Report by Amanda Brown
Photographs courtesy of Lorraine Porter and Dave Murray

Christopher Burton was the rider who could and did at South of England over the weekend. The Surrey based professional rider won both Intermediate sections with Monarchs Exclusive and Santano II and took second place in the Advanced Intermediate behind Georgie Strang and Cooley Business Time.

Burton said, “South of England, as always, put on a great event. It was the last run for our Badminton bound TS Jamaimo, so for him to pick up a second in the Advanced Intermediate was a good result.”

“Santano II was actually competing in his first Intermediate run. He is owned by the Black Run Syndicate and we purchased him the beginning of last year out of a dressage yard. He is purely dressage bred by Sandro Hit. He only started jumping last year and has taken to it really well, he really loves his job eventing. We are looking forward to working towards a CCI** with him at the end of the year”.

“Monarchs Exclusive is a new ride for me, she is owned by Sarah Pritchard. We are still really only just getting to know each other so it was really great to pick up a win on the weekend. She is a lovely mare and I am really excited about her future”.

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Georgie Strang has had a fantastic start to her 2015 season with Jenny Newton’s Cooley Business Time. The 10 year old gelding improved on his second place at Aldon International just three weeks earlier by dominating section Q of the Advanced Intermediate. Strang said, “I was delighted with Cooley Business Time’s win. His jumping was foot perfect but I was even more delighted with his dressage as we have really been working on this phase. It was the 4* Badminton test against Badminton horses. We made a couple of little mistakes but still scored a 29.”

Penelope Makins and Jim Chromiak’s Beaurepaire Jasper completed a stellar performance for Sarah Pinfield to take the win in the Open Intermediate Under 21. Speaking immediately after the event Pinfield said, “I am so thrilled with my win today! Jasper only came to us last year and I am very grateful to his owners for giving me the opportunity to ride such a talented horse. We have put a lot of hard work into him over the winter and it is now hopefully starting to pay off as he is not a straightforward ride. We were very happy with his test today although we still have things to improve on…We were very happy with how he jumped with what proved to be a difficult track. I had a lovely ride around the cross country, he came back with his ears pricked and a grin to match”.

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The Novice saw Georgie Wood and Felicity Collins fight a close battle with Wood taking the win with just 1 point difference. Wood said, “It was the best cross country Lilly (Symmetry) has ever give me. She felt so confident and it was probably one of the toughest tracks she’s jumped…We took her hunting for the first time this winter as she was always a bit too careful to event. She took to it like a duck to water and has come out a different horse” The mare finished 2nd in March at Aston Le Walls in the BE100 Open before heading to South of England, “ I knew she was on good form but never expected to win!”. Collins bought four rides to the event finishing on double clears on all with just time faults to add. Collins said, “The show jumping had a good sized arena, but with very technically built, full up and very square courses especially in the Novice and Intermediate which seemed to cause a lot of trouble. I was amazed to leave all the poles up…I was very lucky to have four super horses that loved the challenge of the South of England’s cross country courses having four fantastic clear rounds…Overall I was extremely impressed with the South of England team and would like to thank them for all their effort for two great days.

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Following her win at Burnham Market with Biarritz II a week earlier Camilla Kruger continued her winning streak with Bellavilla winning section G with a leading dressage score of 28.5. Kruger said, “The horses are all feeling great! I had a lot of training this winter with Darrell Scaife and Markus Bauer to help step the bar up this season and it’s paying off. I love South of England, one of my favourite events, the Nolan’s do a great job! The ground was perfect and the courses are always very fair. Bellavila has had a year and a half off from an injury and has come back from it so well and feeling great and really strong. Bella has all the talent in the world but is a very determined and feisty character. Today she really worked as a team with me and listened and waited and everything just fell into place! The two other horses I rode went double clear and placed 4th and 7th”.

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Chloe Mariani is progressing well through the grades with Dumbleton and won the Open Novice Under 18, saying, “ We got a 23.5 dressage which is a massive improvement for us and he felt so relaxed…it was a day where all three phases came together and Dumble (Dumbleton) tried so hard. Next year we are hopefully aiming for junior under 18 trials”.

The BE100 saw 6 sections running with Tom Crisp and Winterdown Cooley finishing on the best score of 27.4 to win section B. Crisp said, “Winterdown Cooley was bought from Ireland back in November as another Cooley sourced horse having show jumped. He is owned by Martyn and Sharon Ault and started his eventing career this year and is taking to it very naturally so far. He is a lovely horse and an exciting prospect for the future.”

BE100 Section A
1st Gordon Murphy & Dream Master 31, 0.4 XCT
2nd Nicholas Pearce & Jacorde 33 double clear
3rd Gaspard Maksud & Woodlands Be Crystal 33, 0.4 XCT

BE100 Section B
1st Tom Crisp & Winterdown Cooley 27, 0.4 XCT
2nd Georgie Strang & Cooley On Ice 28.3 double clear
3rd Laura Walker & Andy V 29, 0.4 XCT

BE100 Section C
1st Sacha Hourigan & Boy IV 26.5, 4 SJ, 0.4 XCT
2nd Holly Simmonds & Oh Star II Z 32 double clear
3rd Kate Ludden & Drumaclan Diamond D 32 double clear

BE100 Section D
1st Lisa Pilbeam & Cullawn Warrior 28, 1.6 XCT
2nd Emily Llewellyn & Emirati Nightsky 31.5 double clear
3rd Alycia Port & Fontainita 34 double clear

BE100 Open Section E
1st Anna Tapner & The Trolley Dolly 27.8 double clear
2nd Sam Champney-Warrener 28, 1.2 XCT
3rd Emily Tweedie & Montjoys Boy 32.3 double clear

BE100 Under 18 Section F
1st Immie Long & Foxdon Half Pint 27.8 double clear
2nd Annabel Murphy & Black Jack Von Nova 28.3 double clear
3rd Claire Hunt & Juba 28.3 double clear

Novice Section G
1st Camilla Kruger & Bellavila 28.5, 3.6 XCT
2nd Polly Marsh & Legal Affair 35.3, 0.4 XCT
3rd Anna Hollis & Carnaval Pop 32.3, 4 SJ, 4 XCT

Novice Section H
1st Georgina Wood & Symmetry 27, 8.4 XCT
2nd Felicity Collins & Just Amazing III 28.8, 7.6 XCT
3rd Melissa Joannides & Brighton Rock II 40.5, 1.2 XCT

Novice Section I
1st Daniele Bizzarro & Vallera Del Ferro 31, 7,6 XCT
2nd Yasmin Sanderson & Opposition Angel One 32.3, 6.4 XCT
3rd Helen Wilson & Spring Siddhartha 35.3, 4.4 XCT

Novice Section J
1st Brook Staples & Ideal Rebel 28.8 double clear
2nd Harry Dzenis & Eagles Ridge II 27, 2.4 XCT
3rd Tim Price & Danturano K 23, 4 SJ, 3.2 XCT

Open Novice Section K
1ST Tom Lane & Willingh Bright 31.5 double clear
2nd Johnny Hornby & King of the Road 30.5, 2 DEM, 1.2 XCT
3rd Rebecca Riiser & Charlie Worcester 32.5 double clear

Open Novice Under 18 Section L
1st Chloe Mariani & Dumbleton 23.5, 0.4 XCT
2nd Katie Berriman-Davies & Zalinero 26.8, 4.4 XCT
3rd Lizzy Bird & Spring Promise II 36.3, 8 SJ

Intermediate Section N
1st Christopher Burton & Monarchs Exclusive 25.9 double clear
2nd Clare Lewis & Taffeta 25, 4.8 XCT
3rd Tom McEwen & Staff Des Champs 26.8, 4 SJ, 1.2 XCT

Intermediate Section P
1st Christopher Burton & Santano II 27.1, 2 XCT
2nd Anna Hanson & Troef Van De Vive La Vie 33, 4 SJ, 0.8 XCT
3rd Jennifer Hart & Flora Lady 36.6, 3.2 XCT

Open Intermediate Section O
1st Jonelle Price & Cloud Dancer II 22.5, 4.8 XCT
2nd Rebecca Howard & Riddle Master 26.6, 1.2 XCT
3rd Ruy Fonseca & Tom Bombadill Too 26.8, 2 XCT

Open Intermediate Under 21 Sponsored by Askham Bryan Section M
1st Sarah Pinfield & Beaurepaire Jasper 24.8, 8 SJ, 3.2 XCT
2nd Anna Wilks & Majas Hope 25.9, 4 SJ, 7.2 XCT
3rd Rupert Batting & Manyoshu 32.3, 4 SJ, 2.4 XCT

Advanced Intermediate Section Q
1st Georgie Strang & Cooley Business Time 29.7, 3 SJT
2nd Christopher Burton & TS Jamaimo 28.2, 2 DEM, 4 SJ, 4.8 XCT
3rd Anna Hilton & Matrix W 33.7, 1 SJT, 4.8 XCT

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