ww smart gloveSizes 6 – 9.5 RRP £22

I don’t know an eventer who isn’t permanently attached to their smart phones. Whether it’s taking calls, tweeting, emailing or reading the latest reviews on EWW, the smart phone is part of daily life that many of us wouldn’t be without.

I also don’t know many riders who ride without gloves which offers up the perennial problem of trying to communicate via smartphone with woolly fingers. The innovative equine label Woof Wear have a solution to this problem – Smartphone Riding Gloves.

Based on the design of the popular Grand Prix Glove, the Smartphone Glove allows the use of a touch-screen phone without having to remove gloves. The design incorporates uninvasive patches of conductive fibres on the thumb and index finger which allow you to touch screen, swipe and answer calls without removing your gloves. I put them to the test while hacking and schooling, finding the fit and comfort great. The back of the hands have a stretch fabric which give a ‘dressage glove’ feel. The palms and fingers have a fine grip fabric called REINTEX® which I found still gripped even when my hands got very wet. The gloves aren’t waterproof but did hold off the worst of the rain and kept my hands warm. As the gloves got quite dirty while I did yard duties after riding I decided to clean them. They washed well and didn’t change shape or shrink.

The gloves make phone use easy and I was able to check messages, social network sites and take calls without taking them off. It was harder to send messages via text and email and although the gloves fitted very well I didn’t have really fine fingertip accuracy to operate the small keyboard on my phone. Having said that the question should be raised ‘should one actually be writing emails while hacking (off road)’?

The Woof Wear Smartphone Glove is an option which allows riders to quickly access calls and messages without removing their gloves. Maybe not as fast as a bare hand but definitely more pleasant than having freezing cold fingers. Priced at £22 they also make a really comfortable, great quality pair of gloves for schooling and competition riding.

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