Slip, slop, slap… The Eventer’s Guide to Staying Safe in the Sun

With the eventing season into its second half, the sun has made some great appearances so far! If you’re anything like me you ensure your horse has 5* treatment at all times but you often forget about yourself.  Social media has been awash with bad sunburn photos and some great looking ‘farmers tans’ have been spotted at this seasons parties. Whilst it’s great to be enjoying eventing in the summer months, don’t forget it’s easy to overheat and burn. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, and rates continue to rise. 86% of malignant melanoma cases in the UK are preventable. UV exposure is the main preventable cause of skin cancer, so here are a few tips on how to stay safe in the sun and perform at your best.

  1. Always Use a Sunscreen.  

Not only when at an event, but on the yard, spectating and any time you are out in the sun. Make sure sun creamyou wear a high factor cream – at least factor 25. Sun block should be applied at least 15 minutes before going outside. This gives your skin enough time to absorb it properly. Also, make sure your skin is dry before applying. If you apply it to a sweaty or wet face, it will dilute and rub off.

Check out Riemann P20 Once a Day Sun Protection Spray SPF 30 High 200ml (RRP £19.99) if you need high factor and a maximum of 10 hours of protection that should see you through a good day of fence judging or eventing.

REMEMBER sun block has a shelf life… as this unlucky eventer found out… She applied factor 50 four times during a day out and ended up like this! Old sun block does not work…check the expiration label and if in doubt re-stock.

2. Cover Up

Wearing the right clothing in the sun can keep you cool and burn free however, competing in the heat musto cap - sun featureleaves you wanting to wear as little as possible! Wear a hat when you can and there are loads of branded options out there. Check out Musto’s  essential UV fast dry crew cap (RRP £14.99) which utilises Musto fast dry polyester fabric with added UV properties peaked cap with rear adjustment for a secure fit and hood retainer clip to ensure cap isn’t lost in high winds

A fantastic alternative to vest tops is the Ariat Women’s Sunstopper  ¼ Zip. It is a lightweight, versatile Ariat Sunstopper 14 zip scuba blue 2
long sleeved top, equipped with SPF technology to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Made from Ariat’s exclusive Moisture Movement Technology, which means moisture is pulled away from the skin and evaporates through the fabric to keep you dry and comfortable, the Ariat Sunstopper ¼ Zip features a mock collar for versatility. It comes in sizes XS – XL and a variety of colours and is priced very reasonably at RRP: £39.99.

3. Drink Plenty of Water…

It’s no secret that your body needs fluids to cool itself down. Sweat will produce some moisture to cool down your body but if you don’t have enough fluid your body temperature will rocket and this can quickly lead to dehydration or heat stroke. Both conditions are serious if left untreated and can mean your performance and health are compromised.  Read more about keeping hydrated HERE (add link to hydration article)

4. Stay in the Shade

If you have any opportunity to sit in some shade take it! Take a small gazebo to put up next to your lorry or sit on the shady side of your truck. Breaking up your time in the sun will reduce the risk of fatigue, sun burn and dehydration.

Simple steps to give you the winning edge in the summer!

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