I don’t think there are many riders who haven’t abused their washing machines by washing nylon head collars, lead ropes and synthetic girths. Personally I have tried wash bags and washing things in pillow cases but you still end up with a clunky noise and the worry that it’s trashing your machine.

So what’s new on the market to help with this issue?

Moorland Rider has extended its range of innovative equestrian products to include the new Padded Wash-Bag, a product made to make washing synthetic items with hard elements in a domestic washing machine a viable option.

The zipped bag incorporates specialist open cell foam padding that protects the machine’s drum during aMRPaddedWashBag cycle. The fabric outer acts as a filtration system allowing water and detergent through to wash away dirt and grease, but prevents hair escaping and clogging the filter. The foam cushions the machine’s drum and helps to prevent damage when washing items such as headcollars, lead ropes, brushes and other objects with metal components. After the machine’s cycle has finished, clean items should be removed, the bag shaken, and it’s ready to be used again.

“This product has been created as the ‘big sister’ to our Brush Wash-Bag,” says Caroline Graham from Moorland Rider. “The larger size makes it even more useful for bigger items such as headcollars and surcingles that need to be washed. Using a washing machine to clean your horse’s kit saves a lot of time and also makes it easier to maintain hygiene around the yard, but we appreciate that, until now, it’s been tricky to wash larger items with metal or plastic parts in a washing machine. The Padded Wash-Bag addresses this problem head on, and makes it easier than ever to keep your horse’s kit clean.” 

I was lucky enough to be sent a Moorland Rider padded wash bag to test out… here’s what I thought…

I was really intrigued to try this product out myself as I have more than once trashed my washing machine when washing horse items. However, I hate not having clean kit, so it’s an expensive habit. The padded wash bag is slightly larger than a thick A4 padded envelope. It has a zip fastening at one end and so it is easy for me to pop in a filthy dirty headcollar and lead rope, zip it up and chuck it in the washing machine alongside some horse towels and tack cleaning kit. I washed the items on a cool quick wash to see how well the bag would work. Initially I wasn’t sure if the bag would be permeable enough to let the water and soap in as its very robust. The padding on the bag definitely made sure that there was no ‘clunking’ coming from the washing machine. In fact there was no noise at all and it was clear that the washing machine wasn’t getting its normal abuse! When the wash was over I removed the bag and was pleased to see that both the head collar and rope were immaculately clean. I was really impressed with this product. It is well made, very functional and means I can keep my kit hygienically clean. I think the price of £15.95 is reasonable, given the amount you can save on washing machine repairs. Moorland Rider also recommends the bag as a tool to enable you to wash tie up bungees and brushes.  If I had a larger yard I would be tempted to buy several bags and name them so that wash days are easy to organise and quick and simple to do. The Moorland Rider padded wash bag is a great piece of kit and I would highly recommend it.

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