Santa please may I have ….HRP Wing Saddle Pad

What they say: Scientifically proven: “Significant” Pressure tests prove the HRP Pressure Reducing
WING® Saddle Pad exerts NO pressure on the horse behind the saddle, over the lumbar spinous processes and significantly less mean pressure in all gaits when compared to conventional saddle pads. Conventional Saddle Pads produce some pressure, causing rubbing and sores on the horses back. The HRP WING® Saddle Pad has eliminated these problems through its innovative design and to add, there are different designs for each equestrian discipline, all with a striking visual appearance.
Product review: In the past I have used gel pads with my saddle and saddle pad as my horse has felt tense across his back. But with this Wing Saddle Pad this should be a thing of the past. The design of the pad means it fits up into the gullet of the saddle so there is less pressure on the back. And so far I am very impressed. It fits nicely into the shape of my saddle and since using the Wing Saddle Pad my horse hasn’t felt nearly as tight behind meaning he can move more freely. He definitely feels like he was moving his back end more. Only time will tell if this is a real improvement thanks to using the saddle pad. I’ve also had problems where a saddle pad has rubbed. I haven’t clipped my horses back this year so any rubbing would be more noticeable. Even with his winter coat he isn’t getting as sweaty underneath is saddle in comparison to other saddle pads I have used. So there’s less greasy build up in this area. And there is no sign of rubbing either. 
Because of the innovative design, there is no movement of the saddle pad either. The other thing I like about them is that they are visually striking. Other riders are bound to be asking where you got your saddle pad from. And word of mouth is often how you find out about products like these so I will be definitely recommending it to my equestrian friends. It may be a little pricey but it is definitely worth the investment. 
Price: £74.99 to £84.99
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