Santa please may I have ….Frederick William Oakham Hoodie

What they say: Throw caution to the wind with The Oakham Hoodie. Made from a soft cotton blend in variety of colours all with the standard FW logo embroidered on the left.
Available in Green, Blue and Red

* £1 for every Hoodie sold will be donated to our brand ambassador, Claire Lomas MBEs chosen charity Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation.

Product review: I spend my life in hoodies, particularly during the winter months. They are my go to item, whether I am out riding or lounging around at home. They offer such comfort. And this Oakham hoody from the newly launched Frederick William brand is a great addition to my collection. In fact, it’s already a form favourite. For a start, it has some different design features to what you usually get in a standard hoody. Firstly, there are two buttons on the neckline which you can fasten for additional warmth when it is cold or have open when it is slightly warmer. This top has also been made in sections so it is broken up rather than being made in one piece. It makes it a little bit more stand out. And essentially it’s made from a soft cotton blend for the ultimate comfort factor. And in buying this hoody you’ll also be raising money for charity. The brand recently announced Claire Lomas as a Brand Ambassador and for every hoody sold the company will donate £1 to her chosen charity Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation. There’s a lot more to come from Frederick William so start your collection with this fabulous winter piece. 
Price: £30.00
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