Santa please may I have ….Back on Track’s® Royal Hind Boots

What they say; Back on Track’s® Royal Hind Boots provide all the benefits of far infrared radiation along with comfort and protection. Back on Track Royal Hind Boots combine a hardwearing neoprene outer with a revolutionary Welltex lining. The Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric reflects a naturally occurring far infrared ray back into the joints, ligaments and soft-tissue. 
Product review; These are probably the best Fetlock boots I have used. And I have tried a lot of boots
over the years. 
The Back on Track Royal Hind Boots are lined with a special fabric which incorporates infra-red technology to help promote circulation. This helps relieve any joint tension and maximises performance. It also helps avoid injury. I’m a little on the conservative side when it comes to injury avoidance particularly as my horse has had surgery to remove a blackthorn from just below his fetlock joint. So I always use products which protect the area and can help release any tension in his joints. By wearing these boots, the fabric reflects infrared rays back into the joints, ligaments and tissue to increase circulation. Just what I need. I’ve used fetlock boots in the past which haven’t fitted very well but these are ideal and once in position, they stay there. They can be used at home and in competition and would make a great gift for any eventer who uses fetlock boots on their horse. They are young horse class legal which makes them a great choice.
Price: RRP £27.00
Additional information; Available in black and brown. Sizes available in Cob or Full. 
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