Santa please may I have ….Absorbine® ShowSheen Miracle Groom®  

What they say; This one-of-a-kind “Bath In A Bottle®” features an all-in-one formula that cleans, conditions, deodorizes, detangles, and shines—no rinsing or extra water needed. Our waterless horse shampoo comes in a ready-to-use spray that works without soap or water, so it’s great when you need to thoroughly clean your horse in cold weather or climates where water is scarce.
Product review: When it comes to cleaning your horse for an event, how many bottles of cleaning products do you usually have? In my life, it’s at least three or four. But with Absorbine’s ShowSheen Miracle Groom you only need one. Yes, really! This bottle cleans, conditions, makes them smell nice, detangles knots and leaves a shiny coat all in one. For somebody who has a skewbald with white in all the wrong places this is the answer to my prayers. And even better, you don’t need water. Usually bath time means bringing warm water up to the stables which can be a bit of a faff. But all I now have to do is spray on the Miracle Groom and wipe it off. I’m still going to need to give the horses an occasional bath when they have gotten really mucky, but this is perfect for last minute touch ups at shows. A great gift for somebody who always likes their horses to look in top condition.
Price: RRP £15.77
Additional information; Available in a 946ml Spray Bottle
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