When it comes to riding safety the emphasis is all on body protectors and helmets, but what about your 820_1800_187_v_gespiegelt mit Stick (5)legs and lower back? Obviously there are limitations as to what can be done… who wants to wear airbag breeches?! Innovative design brand Euro-Star have sort to solve this issue with their new ESX Protection breeches which won the prestigious Spoga Innovations Award at the end of last year.

So how do they work?

The Euro-star ESX Protection breeches combine protection, wearing comfort and technology. They are made of highly elastic Techno Stretch fabric and include a protection pad system made of Poron®XRD. This specific urethane foam stiffens upon impact and forms a protective padding.

The Poron®XRD pads are positioned on hips, coccyx and knees to offer protection in case of a fall or other impact. In order not to restrict the elasticity of the breeches and their comfort in any way the pads are sewn into “pockets” in which they can move freely. The zigzag stitching offers an optimum tensile strength, and the innovative FullGrip® seat (think sticky) offers the rider an optimum grip in the saddle.

Have they compromised style and fit?

In one word, no! I was lucky enough to try a pair of ESX Protection breeches. Immediately I was impressed by the fit. These breeches feature euro-star’s Flex® cuff solution so provide a slim ankle fit which is really comfortable under long boots. The Poron foam panels are cut to glide over your thighs and knees so you don’t feel like you are wearing a bulky garment. The panelling adds to the design and gives a really up market ‘cut’ feel, these are seriously flattering and definitely aren’t your average breeches.

In the saddle…

When it comes to riding in the ESX Protection breeches you really notice the panels and the areas that they protect. The foam isn’t at all restrictive and bends and forms to your body shape so you don’t feel like you are wearing layers of bubblewrap! This is great news for riders higher up the grades who are wearing uncompromising white. The knee protection is particularly noticeable and an area which I have injured on several occasions – think arena fencing with young horses, gateposts and one brush with a rather large tree XC! I also loved the sticky grip knee patches, which gave a feeling of support without being overly fixed in the saddle. The subtle ESX logo on the side of the thigh area looks contemporary and adds to the tech feel that these breeches provide. After a long day in the saddle the breeches were marked and grubby. They washed and dried very well, without any problems with the foam panels snagging or twisting.

Eventer, Gemma Tattersall, who also tested the breeches said.

“I love the Eurostar breeches, they fit like a glove and are so comfortable. The stretchy opening around your ankle is great as it doesn’t rub or wrinkle up under your boots and the knee pads offer great protection without being bulky. They look super smart as well – a great addition to the wardrobe!”

The verdict…

EWW welcomes any innovation that combine a neat, luxe appearance with some innovative tech safety features. The ESX Protection breeches are worth considering for both competition and daily use as they come in a range of colours to suit all tastes. With both pro and amateur riders needing to stay on top competition form they can’t afford injury to hold them back. While ESP Protection breeches won’t protect you from major trauma, they offer a really stylish solution to protecting you against bashes, knocks and bruises that we experience from time to time. Euro – Star offer a really innovative, high end product that is worth the RRP.

More information about the Poron®XRD material can be found at
Euro Star 

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