The EWW team are always on the lookout for innovative horse care products. One company proving that horse care doesn’t have to literally cost the earth is Safe Care Equine.

Safe-Care Equine was launched back in 2010 and has been growing in size and product ranges ever since. A family run business; Safe-Care Equine offers all-natural and chemical-free products, which are made from renewable plant sources, making them completely bio-safe and harmless to your horse and the environment.

Working closely with their in-house bio-chemist, all products are developed, trialled extensively then quality controlled and manufactured at their plant here in the UK to ensure that their collection does what it says on the label without compromising on your horse’s health and well-being.

Biodegradable and beautifully non-toxic, their collection of products range from seasonal essentials Safe-Care Equine Fly Repellentthrough to products which condition, promote and celebrate healthy skin and hair.

With themed promotional packs containing all the products you’ll ever need for a season or occasion, choose from ‘Show, Yard, summer, winter, Tack and Happy Feet’.

If you’re looking for natural solutions in response to those troublesome summer ailments (flies, sunburn and crumbling hooves) then the Safe-Care Equine Collection tackles seasonal woes with a non-toxic but highly effective collection of products to help you and your horse survive the summer!

Safe-Care Equine Fly Spray offers a natural approach to fly protection without toxins or irritation to help
protect and support your horse’s skin natural equilibrium. Featuring lemon, tea-tree and cedar wood, this fly spray is gentle on the skin and harsh on flies and is HSE approved for an incredible 72 hours, which means you (And your horse) have peace of mind that this product does what is says on the bottle! Just four trigger pulls will also cover a square metre of skin, offering great value and great coverage! Safe-Care Equine Fly Repellent available in different sizes starting from 750ml: RRP: £9.99

Safe-Care Equine Soothing Rapid Relief has been created to soothe and support healthy skin. With sunburn and switch itch taking their toll, this soothing spray starts to nurture your horse’s skin and encourage healthy hair growth. Safe-Care Equine Rapid Relief available in different sizes starting from Safe-Care Equine Hoof Oil750ml RRP: £9.99

Unlike many traditional hoof oils on the market place, Safe-Care Equine Hoof Oil is much thinner, allowing for great absorbency. This increased permeability helps maintain healthy hooves by offering support for those prone to cracks and brittle hooves. Featuring anti-bacterial properties, it can also be used around the frog area. Safe-Care Equine Hoof Oil available in different sizes starting from 750ml RRP: £4.99

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