Hi everyone, I will start by introducing myself. My name is Rose Carnegie and I am a human and equine Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 14.15.49osteopath and amateur event rider.  I have been eventing since I was 14. Last year my wonderful mare Landine took me round my first 4* at Badminton. 2015 brought a lot of highs as in June I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy after four years of full-time study.

Having thought after graduating I would have a bit of a break and recovery period I started working in two osteopathic clinics soon after graduation and brought two unbacked youngsters to produce along side Landine and Master Rory, my other advanced horse…… Let me introduce you properly to my horses.



Landine- my absolute pride and joy who never fails to make me smile. She is a 13yr old 16h3 German warmblood who I have had since a 7yr old. I produced her up the grades myself to 4*.  She can be very grumpy and opinionated but is very soppy underneath it all.


Master Rory- the first of three horses I have by a mare called SEOIDIN ALLIAN who is by Master Imp. I have known Rory since he was a very immature 15h3 5 yr old. I rode him for an owner for a year before buying him and he is now almost 16h2 and 10 yrs old. I have very high hopes for him, he is a serious jumper and can really gallop too.

Brother James-  the second of my purchases by SEOIDIN ALLIAN.  He is rising 4 yrs and is one of the best young horses I have. He is quite naughty at times and loves a bit of a buck occasionally.

Sister Susie-you must see a pattern emerging with the names now !! Susie is on her way to England as I write this from Ireland. She is the third of my horses by the mare SEOIDIN ALLIAN, I think I almost have the whole family! She is only rising 3 so I’ll back her this year and turn her away over the winter.

Maxi Hill – rising 5 yrs. Maxi is a very smart looking Irish Sports horse. He has the loveliest temperament and is looking like he is going to be very smart. Unfortunately he is for sale as I have too many and not enough time or money to run them all.

Now on to the Osteopathy……. I seem to spend my week running about like a headless chicken trying to get everything done with the horses before going to work. I work around 45hrs per week as a human osteopath but luckily it fits in well with the horses as I mainly work afternoons and evenings. At the moment I work in a clinic just outside of Leatherhead and one in Croydon as well as practicing from my home in Kent.  I also do equine osteopathy around the South East of England but if anyone is interested I am willing to travel further a field for groups of horses.  If you find my pieces interesting enough to keep reading I’ll be writing bits about human and equine osteopathy so watch this space…

For now I will tell you quickly about a research project that I completed in 2014. The topic was Low back pain across the disciplines in professional riders. The underlying finding was riders who rode most often in a dressage saddle had less low back pain than those who rode in a jumping saddle. This was due to the position of the pelvis, lumbar spine and hips. When in a dressage saddle the rider sits in a much more neutral position therefore putting less strain on the afore mentioned where as in a jumping saddle the low back is flexed with increased compression to the discs between the vertebrae and the hips flexed more than is natural.  Just thought some of you who struggle with back pain may find this interesting.

I look forward to keep you posted on my eventing season and informing you of some interesting osteopathic topics. Please free feel to call me if you would like to discuss anything osteopathic or to book an appointment 07929420330 or visit my website

Rose x

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