ROS MORGAN – We need positives and support where necessary.

It is a beautiful day, Spring is arriving in haste and nature is beginning to put her spring wardrobe on for a spectacular fashion show, which we now have time to truly admire and enjoy.

With everything cancelled, postponed or closed for the foreseeable, it is time to put a plan together for the forthcoming months.

The ground will soon be perfect to ride on and for those of us who have the acreage, a tick over canter work programme can be put together.

It is amazing what we can utilise to mark out a Dressage arena and for those of us without a set of Show jumps, just look around, you will be surprised what you can improvise with.

Most of you may not have started the season but even if you did there were probably areas that may not have been quite as polished as you would have liked due to the appalling weather we have had since Christmas.

YOU CAN STILL WORK WITH YOUR COACHES using video, telephone and all the other internet apps that are out there. Discussions can be had, plans and work programmes made and the HUGE BENEFIT OF WORKING ON GRASS to improve your and your horses/pony’s balance, response and awareness is immeasurable.

For those of you who cannot get to ride personal fitness and well being is very important. Plan and Goal Set for the autumn as if it is a real possibility this enables you to stay positive.

Gain knowledge Reading on areas that you feel would benefit you and your Equine partner.

Talk to Feed specialists to ensure you are correct with your feeding now that the competitive situation has changed.

Pod casts, Lesson plans and schooling ideas can all be accessed.


The Equine community and its many specialists are always there to listen and help when you need us.


Yes we are all disappointed not to be competing but there are numerous POSITIVES to this situation also.


  • (not a word readily used when we start the season )
  • Time to address areas that we need to ” Attention to Detail “
  • Time to allow younger horses to develop and improve at a less competitive pace.
  • Time to spend with our horse to really get to know their personalities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Time to Talk to owners and really form an understanding of their needs and concerns now the season has changed with such uncertainty in so many of our personal lives.
  • Time to build a stronger Team for 2021

This killer has brought in to perspective how much we all took for granted. We are so very fortunate to work with these truly amazing animals who try to comply with our selfish needs and wants even if they are physically and mentally challenged by us, sometimes on a daily basis. We now have time to look at the bigger picture US.

How do WE need to change?

What would help them to work with US better ?

Everyone is working together to get through this truly awful situation. British Farmers might at last get the respect they deserve and the support they need. The countryside that we so often don’t even notice is now ours to admire and enjoy and our truly wonderful 4 legged partners will get a quality of time so often overlooked .

Stay safe everyone and remember Talk.

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