ROS MORGAN – Lockdown and the Effect

Hello Everyone ,

Yes, me again although my husband John and I are slowly morphing into Tom and Barbara for those amongst you who can remember the TV series “The Good Life ”

We now find ourselves at a very intense time.

Our wonderful NHS is stretched to its limits with lack of equipment and space and our front line workers are asked daily to go above and beyond with a level of care and expertise that many are experiencing for the first time.
These are truly awful and unprecedented times.

  • How are you ?
  • Are you managing to cope both Mentally, Physically and Financially ?
  • Are you able to TALK to someone ?

We are all here for each other and more importantly for YOU if you need US.

Our horses and animals are playing a massive role in our lives right now, but more so as a distraction . hey to have also lost their performance driven educational plan because this is where we find ourselves at this present time.

My personal opinion and hope right now is that over the next 2 -3 weeks we will be informed by the many experts out there on the front line trying their very best to keep us safe that this pandemic should start to peak.

With this in mind my thinking is that maybe the horses and ponies should enjoy a “little quality THEM time “, a Spring recess to enjoy days out where possible eating lush fresh grass and basking in beautiful warming welcome sunshine, so that in 2 -3 weeks we can start back on a positive work plan looking forward to Summer training and maybe, hopefully a short Autumn season .

We, in the mean time can do all those jobs that we love to put off and usually don’t really have time for.

Cleaning the Tack Room out.
Its amazing what tack and equipment you find you have and the memories these pieces evoke.
When you last used it and on what horse for what reason? Maybe you now have a similar issue with another horse and it might be worth a try again.
Items of tack hold so many precious memories and stories to share or write down , lets hear them !

Feed Room
Time to limit the midnight mice raves ( very little social distancing goes on there !!! )
Check the additives, and ask yourself “Do you really need all these ?”
What are their individual purposes and is their continued use needed at this time ?
Can we do without some of them now and moving forward?

Painting Jumps / poles
A laborious job but very beneficial to both yourself and your Show Jump Coach later on.
Accuracy and Straightness are major factors in your jump training and lovely clear stripes on the poles greatly improves the exercises where both these factors are being worked on.

The Stables
Now that the tenant is having a little” ME” time a thorough Spring Clean is a wonderful idea to spoil your equine partner.

I hope these ideas have given you more purposeful ways to fill your days and achieve positive results.

Please write down your thoughts whilst you are working as no doubt you will go back to them in a few months for Strength and Inspiration.

Stay Safe and we will chat again soon, Ros 

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