Ros Morgan – like most of you I am really stuggling at times to stay Hopeful, Positive and Focused

Probably like most of you I am really stuggling at times to stay Hopeful, Positive and Focused, so I hope you will excuse this article being very personal to me but I hope in some way may resonate with some of you to add a little more support and help .



5 weeks into this very different way of life, I find myself asking how is this going to TRULY impact on me looking forward?

HUGELY is the conclusion I am rapidly coming to.

Coaching has been my life since my competitive career ended. I ate, slept and drunk my riders problems and concerns. Lost sleep over how to best improve the wonderful horses that have become part of our squad and always put work before my family!!!!!


12 years ago I lost my wonderful son Chris and to help me deal ( as I thought best of course!!!!) with this I poured myself into my coaching. I wanted to be the “Best I could Be” and someone he would be very proud of.

In the years following his death, I have been extremely fortunate to have acquired some wonderfully talented riders with beautiful horses that have challenged me to help them achieve their dreams. The mental and physical strain has been immense at times, but the results and rewards have been truly motivating and inspirational making me one of the most fortunate coaches in the sport of Eventing

Now I find myself with TIME and UNCERTAINTY

Normally at this time my diary would be full of work along with travelling to shows , meeting with loyal owners , interacting with the riders teams and enjoying the best times in beautiful venues along with catching up with colleges and watching how the combinations that I have been privileged to work with through out the winter appear educated and confident strutting their stuff in the glorious Spring events.

But not now, everything is so different!

Watching videos, discussing training plans to enable the riders to stay positive and the horses to not get bored and just waiting for the next Government lock down update .

Vegetables have now become a big part of my day. Organising seeds, potting on, feeding and watching their development is important to me because without structure and planning I feel totally lost.

Walking the Corgi’s gives me quality time to think about the wonderful team of horses I work with. They were so ready to start the season. What must the older ones be thinking? They know the drill each Spring how are they getting their heads around not competing and meeting up with their friends too?

Talking to my riders, listening to their concerns and worries but being unable to give them the answers that we all so desperately seek for assurance and guidance.

But the wonderful countryside I am so lucky to live in, my family (small but mighty) and our fantastic and so very funny animal family are all playing a huge part in keeping me positive and enabling me to start putting in place the “Coming out of Lock Down Plan”

A “Mentally Stimulating Plan” for both Horse and Rider rather than a Performance driven Plan I feel ! I am working on it .

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