But first of all a movement report; all Intermediates to Aston, guaranteed going and a forward riding course. Yet again, well done Nige. The young people jumped good clears and the seasoned performer opened up for the time and a rosette. On to Wellington with a first, second and fifth spot after the dressage. Then, just as we were about to enter the SJ ring, husband (the bolter) walked past with his girlfriend without a spoken word. Rider’s temperament in tatters, poles all over the place and horses upset. Not quite in the mode, I let down the brilliant Otto by wobbling on a line and having to circle on the xc undoing his brilliant test and clear SJ. 

Then the crack in the Orange person’s foot gave us two weeks of worry, supplemented by swimming

instead of gallops. Made it to Burghley with the help of Stuart (Blacksmith) and Chris (vet) and the usual rules applied to be held at the trot up. Did you see my smart outfit and I still didn’t claim the Hiho prize? Once passed Fleet Street achieved a personal best in the dressage with a qualifying mark and we were not last! I was so thrilled as the xc course really suited his bold jumping and I even resolved to take the gate where we fell last time. Sadly, he was a bit footy on Saturday morning and with great regret I pulled out. Imagine with the carnage caused, we could have achieved a top 50% placing with his 63 and a moderately fast clear. I promise I will not withdraw again.

Now about this election and the Mother, a few things need to be made clear. She is seriously concerned about co-opting no doubt talented people onto the Board through advertising despite their lack of knowledge of our sport. She feels that the turmoil in the BEF was largely the result of those in charge having very little connection with the member bodies. Although the Government code for Sport does require some independent Directors, this does not apply to the Olympic Disciplines and it is hard to imagine appreciation of all our constituent parts if you merely ‘follow Eventing’ or do not even ride.

Furthermore, she is known for speaking out and raising her head above the parapet on all the issues that concern riders, owners, organisers, volunteers and officials. She wants to work at cutting the costs of BE and reducing the levy to Events thereby reducing our fees and entries but it is uphill going and needs forward thinking Board directors like Peter Cattell sharing her views. VOTE FOR ALEX FOX NOW and make sure your voice is heard in the future direction of our sport.

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