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Rockingham Castle saw classes ranging from BE100 to CIC**  whilst also incorporating a ONU18 class for the junior riders. Rockingham Castle International Horse Trials is in Leicestershire and the course is IMG_5105set in front of the old stone castle – Rockingham Castle. S

David Britnell took the CIC** Section C title riding Continuity after finishing on their dressage score of 44.2 – which was also the best dressage score in the section. Jodie Amos and Michael Jackson also both finished on their dressage scores to take second and third place. Jodie in second on 45.9 and riding Wise Crack and Michael in third who finished on 48.9 riding Hilldown Prophet. The only other person to finish on their dressage score in the CIC** Section C was [emember_protected custom_msg=’This content is only available to Members, to read more of this article please Join HERE or if you are a member please LOGIN‘]Samantha Hobbs and Tresoke, they finished on 49.4 to take 5th place. Out of the 77 competitors, 19 attained cross country jumping penalties and 14 did not finish, therefore were either eliminated, retired or withdrew.

CIC** Section D was won by Kitty King who finished on the only sub 40 dressage score of 37.5. Carlos Parro and Konito took third place in section D after finishing on their dressage score of 41.1. David Doel added 0.8 time penalties to his dressage score of 41.6 leaving him in third place riding Eisfee. 7 riders went inside the time cross country in section D with only 4 not completing and only one rider who got cross country jumping penalties.

There were two sections in the CIC* class – Section A and section B. Izzy Taylor and Legacy took the win in Section A after finishing on their dressage score of 43.9. Section B was won by Roberto Scalisi and Topaze Du Plain, they finished on their dressage score of 42.7. In total, 18 combinations did not finish out of the two sections.

The ONU18 section was won by Connie Warde-aldam and Chilli Chap after getting a 29.3 dressage and adding 1.2 time penalties to finish on 30.5. Second place was taken by Esme Hatton and Fursten Jubilee who also added 1.2 time penalties to their dressage score of 31.3. Only three people in the section went inside the time, that included Lucy Robinsonm Imi Mccance and Rosie Mitchell. Lucy Robinson finished in 3rd place with Red Jazz after finishing on their dressage score of 33. Imi Mccance also finished on her dressage score of 33, but finished in 4th place just behind Lucy.

Vittoria Panizon took second and third place in the Advanced Intermediate Section Q behind of Andrew Hoy who won riding Cheeky Calimbo. Andrew finished on his dressage score of 27.5. Vittoria rode Borough Pennyz to 2nd place, finishing on 30.1, then she took third placed with Cheqeurs Play The Game after adding 1.2 time penalties to finish on 30.2. There were no eliminations on the course and only one retirement in the section.

There were four section of BE100 – Section F, G, H and I. Alyson Parker and J J Malone took the win in Section F, followed closely behind by Sarah Parkes. Ed Eltham and Virginia M Turnbull both finished on the same score of 25 in Section G, however Ed finished on top of the leader board. Richard Jones won Section H despite finishing on the same score as Jessica Cooke – 22. Charlotte Bacon wasn’t far behind in third place after adding 2.4 time penalties to her dressage score of 21. Section H also saw a 19.3 dressage score by Daniel Alderson and Thornhill Echo – they finished in 8th place. Daniel Anderson also won Section I with Orlanda Bloom with a score on 25.

Harry Hogan won Section M in the Intermediate class after adding 4.4 time penalties to his dressage score of 29.6. Olivia Holloway and My Clover Bay finished in second place after adding 1.6 time penalties to their dressage score of 34.3. Section N was won by Lucy Jackson and Mister O. Rosalind Canter finised in second despite adding 8.8 time penalties and finishing on 35.2.

Laura Collett won Section J in the Novice classes, with Angus Smales and Ballinteskin Rado finishing not far behind and taking second place. Rosalind Canter also finished in second place in Section K riding Bazaars Inca. The section was won by Emily Philip riding Global Royal Luxor. Emily Philip won Section L with Cupido III after finishing on their dressage score on 25.

A full list on results can be found on the British Eventing website.

Photographs courtesy of Lorraine Porter – Please email us  if you see any you like 🙂

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