Here at EWW we have a serious case of Badminton blues so we thought what better way to remember a great even than look back at what the riders thought when they had completed the event?

WayBen Way, who piloted Galley Light into 32nd place at his first Badminton, they knocked down two poles in the show jumping:
“He felt great. I think the crowd and the atmosphere took his concentration at the first fence and I got a little forward at the second but I was pleased with the way he jumped. He hasn’t got the hugest stride so I was quite conscious of the time and tried to keep him moving around the bends but that suits the way he likes to go. I would have loved to finish on a clear round but it’s lovely to have got here and through the trot up this morning and for him to jump very well in there. He’ll now have a holiday for a week or two and the main aim will be Burghley in the autumn and back to Badminton next year.”

Funnell interviewPippa Funnell on Second Supreme who added eight penalties to his 55.8 dressage which left the pair in 23rd:
“I thought he was jumping okay but he definitely isn’t used to this atmosphere. I can’t complain about how he has gone as it’s all a new experience for him. He was definitely tighter than normal but it is a lot for him to take in. He’s learnt a lot and I hope he’ll come away from it a more grown up horse. We just have to work on the dressage now and I’ll have an exciting little horse in him.”

P1190976Ben Hobday on Mulrys Error. The popular combination added 36.8 cross country time penalties and had an unfortunate seven poles down in the show jumping:
“I don’t know if the atmosphere got to him today but he wasn’t concentrating as much as he needed to. He took a couple of good jumps but unfortunately his feet got in the way too many times. I was trying to keep a forward momentum and keep him travelling but he got a little bit excited, bouncing up and down, which just took his eye off the ball. Overall I’m pleased with him. He’s completed another 4* which is amazing. He’ll have a break and we’ll sit down with the owner and plan his next outing. We’re still very proud of him. He’s competing against some great riders and great horses here. Fingers crossed, we’d love to come back next year.”

IMG_1653Mark Todd on Oloa, another combination to add eight penalties to their final score, they finished in 41st:
“I was pleased with that. It’s a decent track, up to height and you are going to need a careful jumper to jump it. One fence was a little bit my fault and the other he wasn’t really paying attention. I might change my tactics for my ride later (Mark later jumped clear on Leonidas II). It was nice to get one under my belt, I was inside the time so I know what I have to do”.

IMG_1668Jock Paget on Clifton Lush who finished in third place, they added four faults to their overnight score of 40.8. Even with a clear the pair would not have finished any higher. Jock also withdrew 2013’s champion Clifton Promise before the jumping:
“I couldn’t be prouder. He tried his hardest but he’s a little bit tired today. That’s the type of horse he is – he goes in there and gives it everything. Of course you feel the pressure going in there. I was very conscious of the time, he made well of the turns but you had to keep travelling. That is show jumping these days, it was up to height and technical and you had to be fast. Clifton Promise is fine, he’s just getting a little bit older now and I think he was feeling it a bit this morning. I did my normal work out in the morning and he started off the way he always does – normally he doesn’t feel so stiff after a couple of minutes but he was. We thought he might get through the trot up but he probably wouldn’t jump well so we gave him a day in the stables.”


“He jumped fantastically outside. He just got a little strong and I probably should have waited a bit more but he tried so hard. It’s been an amazing week in every sense. I’m so proud of my horse. I got him as a five year old and produced him myself so I had the most amazing week. I think Blair could be a very good chance now but obviously competition in Germany is very strong, we’ve got so many good riders and some of the young guns have got to have a chance but first they have to beat me and then they can do it”


IMG_1654Aoife Clark and Vaguely North finished eighth. They added just one pole in the final phase:

“He’s really struggled with this phase in the past and it was a real shame to have the first fence down but there is a lot to look at. I tried to show it to him first but he didn’t quite expect it. After he jumped fence two he bust a gut to try and get clear. What we have been working on with him is getting him in a rhythm so I wasn’t actually thinking about the time. The whole round was smooth and forward and that’s where he needs to be to get the jump. He’s a thoroughbred and not naturally built for the show jumping so having that forward rhythm really helps. The time wasn’t really a concern for me.”

Gemma Tattersall 61 (1 of 1)Gemma Tattersall on Arctic Soul finished in 16th. They knocked down three rails:

“He just got really tense and tight in the neck, and when he gets tight in the neck he has them down behind. I just couldn’t get him as relaxed as I wanted him. It’s so electric in there and the course is really tough today, unfortunately he just got away from me a bit. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to do the Europeans at Blair if I get selected. He did jump double clear at Burghley and he has had some fantastic three day results. He still came out fit and sound this morning so okay he’s had three down but he jumped some of them really well. There are a lot of horses going in there and having fences so it’s not just me. At the end of the day I’ve come out with a sound horse so we move on.”

IMG_1632Sam Griffiths on last year’s winner Paulank Brockagh, this year they finished tenth with one rail to add:

“I didn’t even know I’d had the rail. I went over the line and was about to punch the air when the commentator said bad luck Sam. She jumped beautifully, she just got to the fence she had down in a disunited canter and only just touched it – I didn’t even hear her touch it but I am thrilled the way she has come out of it. The course is really big and square and horses feel different after running around the cross country yesterday. But the ground in there is beautiful and that’s why I think we have seen a lot of horses jump well. Horses are making uncharacteristic mistakes and I just put that down to the fact we’ve run for eleven and a half minutes yesterday and it’s all to play for.”

IMG_1627Nicola Wilson on seventh placed One Two Many who posted one of seven faultless show jumping rounds:

“He came to our yard in 2012 and he is just a phenomenal horse. He stepped up and did his first 4* last year at Pau where he was eighth. He’s just been such a different horse this year and here at Badminton he’s just been so happy and enjoyed every minute of it. He is a super jumping horse and I knew if I just rode him correctly in there he had every chance of going clear. I’m just delighted with how he has performed and we’re very excited for the future.”


Izzy Taylor 93 (1 of 1)Izzy Taylor on 42nd placed Thistledown Poposki who kicked out five rails. Izzy withdrew her other ride KBIS Briarlands Matilda before the final phase:

“He’d rather be doing the cross country again today than the show jumping. He tried really hard but show jumping isn’t his forte and he was a bit too keen. He’s got quite a short stride, he was on his toes today and off he went. Matilda is fine. Sadly she overreached yesterday and caught her coronet band which is a bit sore. But she is fine and she’ll be back.”



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