REBECCA THOM – McTimoney Animal & Equine Touch Practitioner

Being a McTimoney Animal & Equine Touch Practitioner, no two days are the same. Every day brings new challenges and we are forever learning and evolving with the animals we see. 

McTimoney is a chiropractic technique which is very gentle but extremely effective. It uses low force, high velocity adjustments to realign the skeletal sustem including the pelvis and shoulders to maintain health and aid correct function if the nervous system. 

The Equine Touch is a soft tissue modaility using vibrational moves over muscles, tendons and ligaments. I work along the meridians bringing about facial release throughout the body and allowing structures to move freely once again. Through injury, work or wear and tear the soft tissue and fascia can tighten and adhere together so they can’t slode & glide over one another well. This to us is where we feel tightness, tension, inability to work evenly right to left, lack of performance at any level, head tilt, quarters falling in/out, all the way up to rearing & bucking. 

I do a holistic whole body treatment on each and every animal, and the vast majority respond extremely well and find it very relaxing. I specialise in horses and dogs but can and do treat all animals. 

I also use The Equine Touch in another form on people so can also straighten the rider! As a therapist I also have to keep abreast of science and we have to do 25 hours of CPD (continual professional development) per modality every year so be assured I am ever learning. I am regulated by my professional bodies and am fully insured. 

I have my own horses, dogs, cats and two children so after a generally very busy morning sorting all the animals and getting the kids to school off I go on my days work!

My travels can take me a little or a long way as I cover the whole of Cornwall and Devon. Hopefully the traffic is kind! 

So I arrive to my first client, with two horses, first is a beautiful horse, 23 years of age and a dressage schoolmaster. This year he went to the Riding Club Dressage Champs as Mum has allowed her son to compete him. He won! He was elementary champion, novice champion and overall junior champion. He is 23 years young. He also went to the British Riding Clubs Intermediate Dressage Champs earlier this year and won! He is an absolute gent to treat, always, but tightens up in his neck, shoulders and lower back with a slight right rotation of his pelvis. So with McTimoney Therapy I realign all these areas and then go over his entire body with Equine Touch-a soft-tissue modality. Both are very relaxing for this horse and he stands rock still, yawning and sleeping! With The Equine Touch, when I find areas and tension, heat, sensitivity I can layer moves over that area to release the tension. The second horse, a younger, slighter but taller boy. When I began working with him many months ago, he was nervous of the treatment but now he is super relaxed and enjoys all of it. He has started Novice BE this year and quite green and weak at the beginning of the year, so he has been worked correctly in his dressage and jumping and so has built up incredibly so he has regular sessions to keep him straight and soft as his body develops, conditions and strenghthens over time. He is an athlete and is worked, fed and maintained with my work to help him stay fit and well. 

Any form of new work for an animal (horses and dogs), as for us, can bring its own aches, pains & spinal misalignments just through the musculature conditioning and developing so McTimoney and Equine Touch sessions can help the animal to stay straight, to build correct and supple muscles on top of a straight skeleton with good nervous function. 

Thirdly, I, luckily, nip down the road to my next client, again with two horses, mares this time, one 5 years old who has been plaqued with injury through different, non riding situations (many can relate to this with youngsters I’m sure!) and is on box rest, the other a 12 year old BE100 horse who went to Badminton Grassroots this year and last who is on a little down time now, hacking and showjumping. The younger one on box rest needs a general treatment as box rest is not great for the musulosketal system as there is restricted room, movement etc so muscles become weaker and can atrophy (decrease) over time stood in a box. She has misalignments in her neck, shoulders and pelvis and muscular tension in those areas and her mid-back area. She very much enjoys her session and is very relaxed and sleepy by the end. 

The second mare is a different kettle of fish! She is super intelligent, on a different level, and can get a little fidgity whilst I realign her neck, shoulders, lower back, tubersacral area (very top of pelvis) and pelvis. Then with the Equine Touch she stops, stands, sleeps and just lets go. She carries tension in her jaw, neck and shoulders (she can pull the worst faces when she fancies it) and lower back. She is a beautifully, clever mare who is a pleasure to work on. As are all of my clients, some bring challenges but I just slow down, keep the energy low and they tend to calm to me and my work.

On the route home, I then go to see a Jack Russel doggie, who I last saw about 4 years ago! He has jumped off a high wall at the beach and tightened up in his front legs. He is a challenge as he is sore, so I give a cuddle and lots of soft talk, stroking and soon he is calm with me and allows me to realign his neck, left shoulder, mid-back and pelvis. Then he lies down and I work a little on his jaw where there is a lot of tension built up. He is very relaxed now. 

I very much enjoy my job and I work closely with vets, who need to give permission for me to work on the animal. When I begin work with a new animal, if I cannot make a difference after 2-3 sessions (or in the first if I feel the need) I will refer back to the vet for further diagnostics. The combination of McTimoney and The Equine Touch gives me fantastic tools to helps many many animals through painful, uncomfortable times in their lives to enhance performance, and aims to give the animal correct range of motion, nervous system function and musculoskeletal function and promote relaxation and suppleness. 

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