Then look towards the H-Trap horsefly trap manufactured by Sentomol. The company had superb trading month in June and has now restocked its supplies for the rest of the summer months.

The company, which specialises in pesticide free pest management, sells the H-Trap as well as a range of glue traps to help control fly pests around animals and their owners. The H-Trap is particularly horsefly trapingenious, as the device uses the horsefly’s own instincts against it, to lure the females into the trap to prevent them biting and breeding. Independent tests and customer observations show that areas continually protected with the H-Trap enjoy reductions of horsefly numbers. The H-Trap can be installed and dismantled year on year, so will provide a solution for years to come.

“This year, horseflies have appeared with a vengeance, after a warm summer in 2014 and a mild winter and that, coupled with word of mouth recommendations, has caused our sales to surge,” says David Loughlin from Sentomol.

“Some customers have had to wait a week to receive their H-Trap, but we’re now pleased to say that all back orders have been fulfilled and have either been received or are on the way. We now have good stock levels to cater for the season ahead. It’s great to have the product selling well and to hear back from satisfied customers who are delighted with the performance. It is a simple concept. The H-Trap is excellent at catching horseflies and reducing their numbers. Due to the build quality and the way it works, people do need to invest to begin with, but the H-Trap can last for years with the right care. As accidents can happen, replacement parts can also be bought as needed, making it really good value for money.” 

The H-Trap is available from Sentomol for £180 (includes delivery and VAT). One H-Trap is usually sufficient for five horses. Discounts are available for orders of two traps or more.

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