KBIS -What insurance should you consider?

If you are frequently out competing with your horse, affiliated or non-affiliated, insurance is one area that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whilst there is no legal obligation to insure your horse or yourself, two fundamental policies worth considering are Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance Public Liability Insurance covers you, should you be found liable for third party property damage or bodily injury. An example of this would be if your horse got loose at an event and knocked over a spectator causing them injury. Liability claims can be a very complex, lengthy and costly ... Read More

KBIS – What to consider when insuring an event horse

Horse insurance can be a confusing topic, especially when there are so many options out there. We have put together this simple guide to help explain the different parts of a horse insurance policy. Mortality Insurance Mortality insurance covers your horse should he be killed, die or have to be put down by a vet on humane grounds, due to an accident, sickness or disease (please note that the British Equine Veterinary Association guidelines must be met for a claim to be valid). In the event of a valid claim you will receive your ... Read More

HorseSolicitor saves client £40,000 by implementing court rules and minimising defence costs

HorseSolicitor was recently instructed to Defend a claim brought against an equine events display company. The Claimant alleged that their client (a sub-contractor of the company) had been injured after being kicked by a partially sighted horse.  The Claimant's allegations were that the company had provided an unsafe place of work by having allowed a partially sighted horse to participate in a close proximity horse display, breaches of the Animals Act, and negligence. The Claimant suffered a fractured leg and claimed for care and assistance, and lost earnings. Whilst the Defendant did have insurance it ... Read More