Parkfield Breeding – 2015 comes to a close

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As 2015 comes to a close, business at PFB does not seem to be slowing down! We have had a very busy November and December doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. This is actually all good news for us as we have lots of exciting things happening and plenty of plans for the future.

In November we weaned all of the foals, we really couldn’t have asked for this to go any better. We had a good process of bringing each mare in one at a time for around a week each, and leaving the foals all out together in a big field where they were playing together, and we didn’t hear a peep from any of them. It seemed like it was just the right time for all of them and they have remained calm, relaxed and happy throughout the whole process – a huge relief for us! The mares however caused more of a fuss, not really because they left their foals, but because they were put in a stable and none of them particularly like being stabled. They were all very happy to be back out in a field with the other mares once they had done their short stint in the stable. All in all, a huge success!

Exciting new addition – Melody

We also welcomed a new horse in November, a lovely 3yr old from Monbeg Sport Horses in Ireland. She is by Rehy High Society with Touchdown x Cavalier Royale lines on the dam’s side. She is called Melody and is already proving to be a real character! She is so brave and confident for a 3 year old, we are having a real job to keep her entertained! She has just come in to start going on the walker and to begin her education, but she has such an active brain that we are having to make her toys to play with to keep her amused. We have high hopes for this lovely mare, and hope to get her broken and working early in the new year, ready to hopefully campaign the BYEH classes next season if she is ready.

The competition horses are back in work and going very well, Holly Woodhead, our rider has been working extremely hard and we are already starting to see some super improvement in their work which is making us very excited for next season! Holly has been busy having dressage and show jumping lessons which the young horses have hugely benefitted from, and each time they all have something to work on which is great. They have even been going to training for a week at a time which we feel has made a huge difference in their attitudes – it’s a lot to take in for a young horse and very intense staying away from home and training every day, but they are growing up so fast and learning so much from it. We are extremely grateful to Holly for putting so much work into our horses and also the World Class program which Holly is part of, allowing us access to such top class training. We have also been lucky enough to gain support from NAF – Holly is becoming a NAF supported rider and with that they are also supporting PFB – we have been using their products for a long time now and they are second to none, so we are excited to be teaming up with them going forward!

On the foal front, we have been busy getting the foals all registered and passported, which requires a lot of form filling, and each application has to be sent with some DNA from the foal to be tested, which means pulling a little bit of mane or tail hair from the roots – definitely easier said than done! The foals are looking great and feeling good it seems, and they are all growing in confidence and attitude! They are a handful at times but they are mostly adorable and there is nothing better than seeing them playing together in the field. Frankie and Victor our two colt foals have gone on a little Christmas holiday to Frankie’s owners’ farm, we were prepared for a very long day loading them on Saturday, but they were Melodyangels from start to finish, walking nearly straight on to the trailer and traveling like they have done it all their life. We were very proud of them!

What a year it’s been for team PFB! We are all very excited for things to come and we are all looking forward to 2016!

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