ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT ………..!!!!!

I can’t even begin to describe how I am feeling at this moment in time. I think I am mainly excited to be going but I am absolutely terrified to ride! It’s so contradictory!

So last week we had: some very exciting visits, a very fun pre-badminton run, some good news… bad news and lots of hours of preparation!

First of all, I competed at Bovington horse trials. This run was simply just to gather our confidence around a smaller course ( that we both know and just be reminded of the competition) During our dressage Ester spotted the very scary Land Rover flags flapping franticly in the wind and she was 110% convinced that they were going to eat her! We ‘attempted’ to keep our cool therefore received a 32.5.


We then went forth to strive in a lovely (fast) ‘flowing’ clear, showjumping round and she was so very delighted to be out again so much so, that she was changing the distances and taking out strides all over the place!

But with that out the way we sailed across the country with a lovely clear which was probably our best as she took everything out of her stride and thoroughly enjoyed her time out! …

The bad news is that: We managed a whopping 19 time penalties! Massive whoops! I couldn’t help but giggle… it was more the fact that I was fully convinced that I was never to have gone that fast on my little cob pony, so I then watched the videos of us finishing and starting the course and they proved that I actually came back faster then I went out! Hehehe, whoops! The very bad but still majorly impressive 19 time penalties dropped us from the top 6 placings into I think, one of the last! Completely my fault and not hers!

With that out the way, I am very happy to finally announce my sponsorship with Hypocare!! I have received a jacket, t-shirt, gilet and some of their amazing range of products! A very exciting partnership! I am ever so lucky to be part of such a huge team alongside some of the very best riders! All the professionals get all these sponsorship contracts so easy and it means so much to be believed in by a company who have the best!


Ester and I had a slight claim to fame with being featured in the British Eventing Magazine!! We won the ‘In the spotlight’ on the inside back page and we were ever so lucky to win some amazing Kentucky Horseware boots! A full pair of eventing boots with all the proper glitz and glams! So very exciting and very lucky indeed!

In The Spotlight
In The Spotlight

We also received some very amazing products courtesy of Absorbine, they sent me some products and a good luck wish ready for Badminton Grassroots! I still cannot get over the fact that I am going to Badminton which has been revisited in my dreams for so so long! It doesn’t even seem real, it seems completely bizarre and like I’m living a strange dream!
I am so lucky to have gotten to Badminton, I have such an amazing team behind me and I am so appreciative of their help, without all of them… I would most definitely not be where I am today, going where I am and most definitely not who I am today! Also a huge thanks to EWW!

So the next time I will catch up with you I will be preparing for our long journey up to Badminton!
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