Olympic Format and Future of Eventing

This week Eventing Riders Association (ERA) President Bruce Haskell has released a highly eloquent and considered open letter to the FEI. His strength of debate and reflection clearly demonstrates how the newly developed association plans to ensure that the eventing communities’ voice is heard. It is clear that they hope for change to develop the sport in a positive, professional and dynamic way. This can only be a good thing for all concerned and ultimately supports horse welfare which should be central in any development.

Bruce begins by expressing his view that the 2015 FEI Sports Forum Eventing Document discussing the “Olympic Format and Future of Eventing” is a good document.

‘It is a good document not because of the soundness and logic of some of the suggestions, but because it sparks interest and discussion about the future of our sport.’

This view is highly supported by Eventing World Wide. It is time for eventing, sometimes recognised as a rather conservative sport, pastime and passion for so many to look towards its future and to negotiate change in a positive but considered way.

Bruce goes on to highlight that the document ‘lacks is clear evidence of why there is a need to change’. Clearly we shouldn’t be accepting the idea of change for change’s sake, across a rushed timescale.

What ERA is requesting is an open, transparent and negotiated process of change with empirical evidence and research to support this. This is a sensible enough request and one that the community should wholeheartedly.

So what can you do to find out more and support the work of ERA?

Firstly, read the letter and FEI documents on the ERA website


Not only does it raise valid points for the future of eventing at Olympic level but is essential reading for anyone involved in Eventing from grassroots level, all riders, owners, trainers, supporters, volunteers, sponsors and national federations.

Secondly , ERA would love to hear your views via

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eventing-Riders-Association-International/424070624428083?fref=ts

Twitter @ERA_int

Email mail@eventingriders.com

Please take time today to make your opinions heard all comments will be valued. It is vital to the future of the sport and can help to guide ERA’s response and discussions with the FEI and IOC.

Support your sport and make apathy a thing of the past, as a collective eventers and eventing fans have a voice. Please use it for positive and informed development and change.

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