Report By Amanda Brown

Oasby Horse Trials has become the go to early season event for local amateurs and professionals with the likes of Oliver Townend, Piggy French and Jeanette Brakewell, to name but a few, turning out in force.

With BEDE really showing how it is done in terms of event organisation the 4 day spectacular gave competitors at every level from BE90 to Intermediate the chance to have a positive early season run. BEDE also showed the eventing community just how interactive our sport can be using all the technology we have at our finger tips. With regular Tweets going on throughout the event they also benefitted from live scoring which was updated online.

Not only did BEDE organise this flawlessly but they also set out to do ‘something funny for money’ for Comic Relief with the tag line #rednoasby trending across equestrians’ Twitter feeds. BEDE promised to donate £10 from the start fee of everyone who wore a red nose during their show jumping round to Comic Relief.

This resulted in some hilarious photo opportunities of riders such as Izzy Taylor being papped.

So far in total BEDE have raised over £1500 for Comic Relief and are still auctioning off a #rednoasby t-shirt signed by eventing legends such as Andrew Hoy and Sir Mark Todd on eBay with the auction finishing on Wednesday.

Link for auction:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281628798974?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

Intermediate Results:

Double clears all round for Paul Tapner completing three top three finishes in the Intermediate with Vanir Kamira, Yogi Bear and Indian Mill all finishing on their dressage score. Wiltshire based Tapner had six rides in total over the event with every single one having a double clear. Indian Mill, a gelding produced by Tapner from BE100 level over the past 5 years, lead section L to complete on their dressage score of 23.4. Following a successful weekend at Isleham, Oliver Townend brought a total of 15 rides to Oasby with great success. Townend won section K with Ballaghmor Class and came 2nd in section J with Power Drive, and also had two 5th’s with Cooley SRS and Cooley Master Class in the Open.

Section J Intermediate:

1st Angus Smales & Master Crisp 24.8 double clear
2nd Oliver Townend & Power Drive 27.1 double clear
3rd Sarah Bullimore & Conpierre 26.1, 4 faults SJ

Section K Intermediate:

1st Oliver Townend & Ballaghmor Class 23.6 double clear
2nd Piggy French & Quarrycrest Echo 24.8, 7.6 XCT
3rd Simon Grieve & The Loudest Whisper 28.9, 4 SJ

Section H Open Intermediate

1st Sir Mark Todd & Leonidas II 27.3 double clear
2nd Gemma Tattersall & Chico Bella P 28.6, 0.8 XCT
3rd Paul Tapner & Vanir Kamira 29.6 double clear
Section I Open Intermediate:
1st Piggy French & Obos Cooley 22.3, 2.8 XCT
2nd Izzy Taylor & KBIS Starburst 29.8, 0.8 XCT TF
3rd Paul Tapner & Yogi Bear 32.5 double clear

Section L Open Intermediate:

1st Paul Tapner & Indian Mill 23.4 double clear
2nd Lydia Hannon & My Royal Touch 23.2, 1.2 XCT
3rd Izzy Taylor & Its Chico 26.4 double clear

Novice Results:

Izzy Taylor had a busy weekend with a total of thirteen rides and saw particular success in the Novice. Taylor dominated section P taking 2nd and 3rd position with Van Dyke II and Calibro, both finishing on their dressage scores. Sophie How & Bojangles saw the strongest finishing score of the Novice with a 23.5.

Section C Novice:

1st Bill Levett & Lassban Diamond Lift 30 double clear
2nd Oliver Townend & Kanga Rouge 32.3 double clear
3rd Caroline Powell & Sinatra Frank Baby 32.3 double clear

Section D Novice:

1st Zoe Brenan & Coldplay III 26.3, 0.4 XCT
2nd Charlotte Bacon & Carrigsean Tigerseye 26, 1.2 XCT
3rd Emilie Chandler & Cooley Roller Coaster 27.3 double clear

Section M Novice:

1st Niall Griffin & Monarts Garrison Guy 25, 1.2 XCT
2nd Dani Cuomo & Dakota Lone Star 24.8, 4 XCT
3rd Neil Spatt & Impromptu II 29.8 double clear

Section N Novice:

1st Emily Philp & Lissangle Supervella 24 double clear
2nd Izzy Taylor & Mythical Lark 26.5, 0.8 XCT
3rd Anthony Turnbull & Comarcos Primero Naciado 25.8 2.4 XCT

Section P Novice:

1st Lizzie Baugh & Quarry Man 24.3 double clear
2nd Izzy Taylor & Van Dyke II 31.3 double clear
3rd Izzy Taylor & Calibro 31.8 double clear

Section Q Novice:

1st Nini French & Corbett 29 double clear
2nd Rosaline Canter & Spring Ambition 32.6, 1.6 XCT
3rd Ellie Williams & Cavaliers Pride 35 double clear

Section A Open Novice:

1st Sophie How & Bojangles HRS 23.5 double clear
2nd Sharon Hunt & Loughnatousa Fabio 23.5 double clear
3rd Vittoria Panizzon & Borough Free Flight 25.5 double clear

Section B Open Novice:

1st Olivia Wilmot & Zebedee De Foja 29 double clear
2nd Harriet Edmunds & Hallowberry Rocket 31, 0.4 XCT
3rd Oliver Townend & Treboy 33 double clear

Section O Open Novice:

1st Rhian Smith & Wiseguy 27 double clear
2nd Kylie Roddy & Guzzi 26, 1.6 XCT
3rd Willa Newton & Caja 20 28 double clear

BE100 Results:

Piggy French had particular success in the BE100 sections with three wins on Glountane Lord Lincoln, Cayr Della Caccia and Jump Jet III. The rider later uploaded videos of her rounds on You Tube with Cayr Della Caccia on the following link https://youtu.be/fYJBz0mprFs

BE90 Results:

Caro Hammond had a fantastic start to her season with a 21.5 dressage on her 13 year old gelding, Rumoured To Be. The pair went on to add 4.4 time faults in their cross country to win section S4. Harriet Dicken also took a win finishing on a double clear in section Z with Tilt Du Chatelier.

Pony Trials

Xanthe Goldsack had a storming start to her 2015 season with 14.2hh mare, Time for Fenella. With Oliver Williams and Goombay Smash snapping at their heels Goldsack produced a fabulous double clear within the time to take the win.

Ben Hobday Tweeted Goldsack saying “Just got back to find out @XGoldsack and her pony Fenella who we help have just WON the Pony Trial at Oasby!!! #veryproud #welldone #yehboii”.

Pony Trials Section R:

1st Xanthe Goldsack & Time for Fenella

2nd Oliver Williams & Goombay Smash

3rd Phoebe Lock & Quay


Photographys Courtesy of Hannah Ray Photography and Dave Cameron Photography






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