So Duck has done me proud again this season, after a fab spring, we were named as reserves for the Senior British Europeans at Blair Castle which was a massive achievement, as I think I must one of very few listed that doesn’t receive any support from BE or the lottery schemes so to make it onto the team radar was fantastic.  

Duck was out at Hopetoun CCI ***, doing a solid double clear as his first run post Badminton to finish in tenth.  We haven’t had him out again as he knocked himself in the field and wasn’t going to be fit enough for Burghley, so we are going to wait for next yr with him.  Such a shame to miss Burghley as with quite a few away at Blair it could have been a good year and it would have been fab to do 5 in a row.

Yorkie has been to a few big parties this year and he loved going to  Bramham CIC ***  doing a very swanky test of 45.1, one pole and then a very annoying glance off at a corner on the way home.  We did rectify this in the 3* at Hopetoun though with a amazing xc to finish 15th.  No lack of ability when it comes to Yorkie, just channeling it is the tricky part!  He then had another 3* run at Burgham which has never been a very lucky event for him and although feeling good he was very difficult to steer so anything that required me to turn didn’t really happen!  A check up when we got home found that he had two big cuts under his tongue from a Myler snaffle bit that I had swapped him into on the flat and SJ trying to be nice!!!!!  A final run at Somerford Park back in his old bits had him back to normal though.
Harry has picked up a 4th in the NRF at Belsay and in the Novice at Dalkieth as well as at 6th at Somerford Park and has jumped Double clear at all his parties from Belsay.  He felt AMAZING at Somerford Park and it was tempting to run him in an Intermediate to finish the season but I want to keep him fresh so that he can do some Show Jumping over the winter, so will keep that for next year.  He went and jumped in the Newcomers 2nd rounds at The Highland Show ground just touching the last of the 2nd round of the 2nd round, I was a little relieved as think the 3rd round would have been 1.40  ekkkkk big for a Novice Eventer!!!!!!

Oliver has been quietly picking up the prizes he was 2nd at Hutton BE100 and then was 2nd in the

11790222_940363116008324_1148201198_oScottish BE100 Champs at Hendersyde as well as getting 3 Novices under his belt, still a bit green but a winter of work should have him nicely set up for a spring CCI *.

Morris also gets an A for effort on his report card he was so green when he arrived down here but he has always been very sure of himself and isn’t at all phased by anything. He has gone from his first time on a xc course in April in the snow to finishing up the season with some really good BE100 runs.  Because he has always been going with the big horses, they have also all been quite high profile so when he gets to his first CCI he will be ready for all the flags and raz-ma-taz!!!!!  He has gone back to Judith for his well deserved holidays and hopefully to strengthen up as although he is 6 he is still all legs (and unless he is jumping he isn’t all ways sure where those legs are)!


There has been a little pre winter shopping with Susie Wilks and I buying a lovely new 4 yr old which I am sooooo excited about, he is called Future Plans so hopefully he is thinking BIG things!!!!!



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